Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Family and Mom

I'm fine mom. How are you all doing? Well, we did in fact make it down to moves, the way that I think I talked about last email. We however weren't very happy about it, but that's how missions work. Everything is planned and done at the last second. So last week before we left we had to teach English. We had to cut it really short because our bus left at 7:30, normally we go to 8. So what we decide to do is go down ourselves, not with the rest of the zone, which is kind of what we figured we would have to do. It was fun. We took a VIP bus, which means that we get a small meal and a bathroom stop on the way down. We left Sakon at 7:30 and got to the station in Bangkok about 5:30 in the morning. In between there was a stop, I think it was in a province called Corade( that's most likely not spelled right). Needless to say we really didn't get much sleep. After arriving in Bangkok we took a taxi to the church in Pakkret, where we met some other elders that had to do the same thing we did and waited until 6 in front of the church for the seminary class to show up and let us in. Not a whole lot was done in the moves meeting, just the normal, President Smith said a little bit. Then he made the new missionaries get up and introduce themselves in Thai if English and in English if a Thai (ha ha it always reminds me of my first move meeting). Then President Akanit, who is the branch president in Pakkret did something that I have always heard but have never had the chance to see it myself, he sang a song to wish the จปers or the missionaries that are heading off home. Its a funny song I'll try to attach it, you may not understand but the action are funny, after that the จปers gave their one liners, which can range from singing a song to slamming the mission president or other missionaries to showing the talent of perfect pitch, which a missionary did this last moves, It was way sweet. He had a missionary play a random note on the piano. He couldn't see because the piano is in the next room. and he guessed once correctly. It was a Bflat4.

After that we split up for different trainings then we went and I renewed my visa.

After getting back I met brother เก่ง or for Connor, Keng. He was a sweet guy. we spent the day with him because our bus wasn't going to leave until night. He helped us buy bus tickets and then we took him to eat at the missionaries favorite restaurant in Thailand, Que Pasa. I love Mexican food. Anyways it was funny how เก่ง and I made the connection that he knew Connor. As we were walking to find a taxi I introduced myself as Elder Holt. Then Brother เก่ง stops and and asked do you know a Connor? I thought about it then figured it too much of a coincidence that someone that I have never met before would know my brother, but just for kicks I pulled out the photo that our family took the week before I enter the MTC which I keep on me, and pointed to Connor, and asked, "This guy?" He said, "Ya, I know him from facebook." That was strange to think. It sounds like you're getting into the Bangca ward, the ward that Stop and one of the ward that Keng goes to, pretty well Connor. lol

Anyways after we ate we went back to the bus station and said goodbye to เก่ง and hopped on the bus back to Sakon. Two nights with bad sleep is hard. Anyway it was about a 11 hour trip to Sakon. On the way back I got an interesting phone call. It was President Smith calling to apologize for keeping me in Sakon for another moves. He said what happened is that there was a mistake in the record that he had that said I had only been in Sakon for 3 moves not 4. He didn't realize the mistake until he read my president letter that night that there was a mistake. I think I told him that its alright, but I was half asleep so I probably didn't say much more then OK. I wrote something in my letter to President Smith today that I believe is true. Whether a mistake was made or not. I'm here not because of that but, because the Lord has a plan for me to be here. Whether its to help someone else or I need to learn something, I'm going to do my best to figure it out and fulfill the Lords plan for me.

That's way strange to think that Tom is going on a mission and Spencer as well. I do remember how nervous I was the week before I entered the MTC and again the week I left the MTC. Now everything is the usual but I'm sure when I get to the last week of my mission I'm going to hate it.

I had a chance to look at the web site that you sent me mom but not long Partly because I don't have a lot of time and partly because I'm not sure if i can visit any other web sites. If you could send a copy of it I'll be able to print it off. It was way sweet looking at some photos of Grandpa's family. That's something I have been thinking a lot more about. Family history work. Its something I'm planing to figure out how to use and teach about a lot more here in the mission and something I plan to get into a lot more after my mission.

It sounds like you guys had a fun reunion. I can only imagine how the parade went.

Something that I have learned being the district leader here is being in leadership position, The Lord expects us to do more then just sit around and watch life move around us. But to take charge and fulfill our callings which he has placed us in. You have the power( the priesthood) and the Authority( The keys of the priesthood that you received when you were set apart) to make a plan and do all you can to bring those two guys back to the Lord's fold. The Lord will help you do it, all you have to do is have the faith to follow through with your plans. Keep going. I'm with you 100% and I know the Lord even more so.

Hey so I attached that video and and a photo of the missionaries in the zone last moves. Thought you might like to see who i work with.

Ok I have to go

Thank you for you prayers and love.

And I love you

Elder Brandon John Holt

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