Tuesday, March 8, 2011

actual release date!

Hey every body

I'm doing great this week. How are you doing this week? Well, before I forget I should answer the things that mom asked about in the email. For my birthday, well, I want a car for proselyting purposes... and safety555 but other than that I think that money is a good idea. It would help me get ready to go home. As I am starting to prepare for the return trip on the 24th of June 2011. But I'll get to you about how much. for now I think that $I00 will be enough. But i would like to buy another suit that will be a little more money because I'm going to go to a different place and make it of a different fabric.

This last week we have switched to our summer proselyting schedule that we were following last year. That is we leave our house around 7 30 a.m. where its already hot and getting hotter then we work until about 1:30 p.m. where its really really really hot and then after 4:00 where its back to the enduring hot stage we go back to work. Then we wake up at 6 am and sleep at 10:00. Its been a little hard to get used to but its nice not to be in the blistering heat in the morning.

This last Sunday was a little strange because it was the first Sunday that we hadn't had a baptism in about 4 or so weeks. We didn't know what to do with ourselves. But Brother Nipone did get confirmed a member this last Sunday. This Sunday our sacrament meeting was stuffed full. We had 117 people at church. That's more than I have ever seen in any of the areas that I have served in the past. Looks like we might make the goal of 130 people pretty fast at this rate. For the month of March our district has 5 baptisms planned, the first one starting next week of a lady that is learning with the assistants, Elder Brown and Elder McConkie, two Elders in my MTC group. Then we have Mam and her 2 children from our area that should be baptized on the 20th of March. Then the office Elders have another that will be baptized on the 27th of March. Thailand is become a very fruitful place full of the Spirit. I remember when I first came in that it was unheard of to have baptisms every month but that is what my goal is before I finish my mission. Have at least one baptism a month before I go home. Now it definitely, possible as well.

So with the new church it is being built for the Pakkret branch that I'm serving in right now. But I believe they will move the International ward up here as well because most of the members live in the Pakkret branch area but have to drive into the middle of Bangkok every Sunday. So that will make it more convenient for them. Also right now there is a rumor for the office, which because I'm this close to the office its pretty 80% true that they will be make big changes with the branches and wards inside and outside of the Bangkok stake. Right now I'm not in the stake because its the Pakkret district but that might change up a little bit.

As far as changing up areas This is my prediction now. Is that I will move come the end of the month and maybe train one more missionary then die. But as normal anything can happen. Its going to be a good surprise and if in the end I stay here I won't mind. This is a great place.

I'm good for sunscreen and powder which I can get here. I have learned of the joy of using powder but I wont talk about that too much. 555

OK I have to go, love you

Elder Brandon John Holt

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