Saturday, August 1, 2009

Last two weeks in the MTC

Hello family

Looks like my last email didn't get to you. Sorry, I sent it again today so it would.
Well we called it yesterday at five pm we had less then two weeks left in the MTC. That's crazy. I remember the first day thinking that the end would never come and now its almost here. Starting from now on we get do do some things differently. Like tomorrow. We no longer go to gym on Wednesdays. Now we get to host the new missionaries coming in. Remember the Elder that took care of my stuff the day you dropped my off. Well I get to do that now. I'm excited to see the other end of the drop off.
Tomorrow is also a really exciting day for us because we should get our flight plans. Or if they don't come tomorrow they'll be here Thursday.

That's what I have to look forward too. Here is what has happened in the last week.
Starting last Tuesday after I sent the last email. I went to the temple with my district and went through a Endowment session. Elder Brown has been working on a set of temple names since he has came to the MTC and finished all the endowments the week before. We had some extra time after the session and decided to take the names to the next step. We did the sealing's for some of the names. Mom, you're right the blessing given in the sealing are really beautiful. I don't think that I have felt the spirit so strong in my life then in the session. We were able to finish the rest of Elder Brown's names early this morning.
I don't think I was able to talk about it last email, but they have a very interesting system here on who gives talks in Sacrament meeting. You see they don't tell you who is giving one until after the meeting starts. And they are usually chosen at random. Well I had a funny feeling that last week was going to be my turn and sure enough it was. Most of us write talks every week in case we happen to be chosen that week. Thankfully I did. It was on humility and I talked about two different scriptures, Ether 12:37 and D & C 67:10 both have great promises in them that the Lord has given us if we are humble.

On Saturday Elder Brown and I taught the Second lesson for the first time in Thai. I thought it went really well. Our "Investigator" said he was able to understand everything we taught him and that we answered all his questions. I thought he was just being nice. but I see now that I am really beginning to be able to speak Thai. and I'm beginning to understand it better as well.

In the RC the last few weeks I have had some great success. I sent the missionaries to 4 or 5 people and called back a few too. One of the funniest experiences I had was as I was teaching the First Vvision to someone, they began talking about their church, which is the Pentecostal church, and trying to commit me to come next Sunday. I had to decline as I am to go to Thailand in 2 weeks and need all the time I have to prepare. She asked when I would return and if we could keep in contact for the next few years. Well I had to tell her that I couldn't but if by chance the spirit tells me how I would call her and go to her church when I return.

Mom I gave Elder Brown the address to my blog spot. His mom, I think is going to link his with ours as well as an Elder Newman's another missionary in our district.

Oh before I forget. I need two things ASAP. One is the camera computer cord to my camera. I think that I will be able to email photos rather then having to mail them in Thailand.

next Is 2 Martinellies sparkling cider. I would like to surprise the elders in our district when we get our flight plans.

Last few minuets I would like to tell you about my teachers. one this week the other next.

First is Brother Saakha. His American name is Allen. but his Thai name is Wirasak A. Saakha. Which means honored warrior. I have never known a man that has loved his people or his country more. He was a convert to the church when he was 17. He has an unbelievable testimony. I cannot express how this man has changed my life. I will always look back on the MTC and think of Brother Saakha. He truly is an honored warrior of the gospel.

Well my time is running short
until we talk again, love, teach, and feel the gospel

Elder Holt

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