Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yes, there are spiders in Thailand

Hi family

I hope all is going well. OK well I don't really know where to start, so much has happen so I'll start with Mom's questions.
Let's see, first. When Elder Ito, the two sisters and I came to Lop Buri, we did what was called a white wash, which in mission language means that we switch everyone out of the area and we're all new to the area. So when we got there we had to spend the first half of week or so trying to meet everyone. By Sunday we had met must of the active members and most of the investigators the last elders left behind for us.
Lop Buri is called the city of monkeys because it has monkeys . lots and lots of monkeys that if you're not looking will steal your stuff take it to the top of the wat or Buddhist temple they live in and throw it off the top to see if it breaks or not. It's a lot of fun to watch.
Elder Ito is from Claton, Utah. I told you some wrong information last email. Elder Ito was Elder Young's companion before he got hit by a car.
Right now I'm sitting in a computer gaming place much like Hasters that me, Stuart and Kevin used to go to. There thankfully is no timer on the computer but according to the missionary hand book we should only spend one hour emailing. so that's my time limit. We are in the middle of Bangkok in a suburban city called Muantoan... I think. It's about a 2 hour drive south of Lop Buri. Our Zone conference is in a city called Bangket which is also in the Bangkok area. The whole Bangkok area is covered by 3 of the 7 zones in Thailand. There are 3 zones in the eastern area and the last zone is in the north that covers the cities of Chang Mai and Chang Rai
Well lets see, I got my bike as you probably could tell with the missing money. Its a Trek. After we had mudflaps and a basket installed on it, Elder Ito made the comment that it could be a Transformer. So based on that comment and it's color. I named my bike Megatron.
We live in a house. It's most unusal(that's spelled wrong). I have found that the Lord has blessed it with all creeping things of life.
We got to do some experiments. Here is our question we are trying to answer. At what temperature does a plate size spider's blood boil? We have had two found in our house so far. One last night in our bathroom and another last week. Our solution is to mix bug spray and fire. Takes care of the problem after several blasts. Other than that our house isn't bad. After a little cleaning it looks really nice. There are street dogs everywhere and it seems like they howl every hour on the hour during the night.
One of my first experiences in Lop Buri was meeting the members the night we arrived. We went to the branch building, which is just a building that the church rents, after we arrived that night. We discovered that they were practicing for ward choir and we were volunteered as we walked in. This whole time Elder Ito was having conversations with everyone and I didn't understand a thing. It was at this point that I thought "I wonder how I got here?" The great thing is the members tried talking to me and I couldn't understand them. Nor could they understand me. It was at this point that I realized that they had taught me the wrong language in the MTC. Anyways the members are very nice and are really helpful when it comes to learning Thai.
Elder Ito and I were to arrive when we did. Lop Buri has began to pick up when it comes to investigators. In the last 2 and a half weeks we were able to set 4 baptism dates with investigators. We have also been able to teach many new lessons.
One of the investigators that we have been teaching is named Phaa Somsawk. He is a construction worker from eastern Thailand. Here in Thailand construction workers live on site where they are working that way they can work faster.., I think. Any ways last night we were at a members house for FHE and I discovered that he knows a lot of English. So we had a nice conversation in English about how he learned it and where he has worked in the world. He has worked in places all over the world like England and Egypt.
Well let's see. While I have been here I have tried some interesting food. First I had Durrean, which is a fruit, also it is the only thing that made the guy on Bizarre foods throw up, and I liked it. Smells bad though. I have also eaten a spicy fish paste. The interesting thing about this paste is the fish is rotten. It was really spicy. I only had a small nibble of that.
I have eaten at places that would not be FDA approved like this one place where they bring out a grill in front of you and you cook your own meat. Its really good.
I have also learned the importance of drinking coke or pepsi. When you eat some things it may not be cooked all the way so you drink coke and it kills all the bacteria and stuff that will make you sick.
Any ways I hope I'll is well. Sounds like the Oquirrh Mountain Temple is going good. Connor remember this is one of the best years of school because you're the oldest of the school. Remember though there are many younger than you that look up to you. So be a good example to them.
I hope all is going well in the Holt Hotel. Say high to the newbies for me

Love you all

Elder Brandon Holt

PS I wanted to send you some pictures but i forgot my cord so i'll send them next week if I remember.

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