Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lots of rain

Hello everyone from home

As Dad's phone says, it is very hot. It has been hot all week. I also learned a very common saying here during the rainy season, "when the day is hot, It will rain" something like that I'm not really sure if that's the exact words but it goes something like that... I think.
Right now its raining a lot. I'm really glad I'm inside writing emails and not out riding my bike.

Well let's see. Last week for preparation day, Brother Aladin took us to see a wat that was being built on the side of a mountain. It was awesome. I plan to send pictures next week because I forgot to grab my camera today. To get to it we had to climb several hundred stairs. They were beautifully decorated and by the time we reached the top I felt like I just got done with a tear down work out in swimming oh how I missed those days.
Well I'm glad to hear that nothing has changed at home with the high school world. and Hey I heard that Murry won homecoming. Sweet.
Anyways we teach English class every Wednesday night to anyone that comes for about a hour and a half. The group that comes changes size every week.
Anyways I'm not really sure how ( I don't think Elder Ito Knows how either) but somehow we ended up at a funeral. That was a interesting experience. and I would go again if I got the chance. Any ways to sum it up, because I didn't understand any of it, it was held at a wat in lop buri and the monks chanted for a few minutes and then we left .
What was interesting was no one really seem sad. there was no crying, but instead there was a solemn quiet. All except the members of our church who visited with their friends and family that were there. Anyways we ran off really fast afterwords in order to make it back to our home.
Off, our Investigator from English is doing really good. We were posting up signs over Lop Buri yesterday to advertise for English Class, and he came up and said hi. He also showed us some places we could tape up signs. We are planning to teach him the rest of the Plan of Salvation tonight.
Lets see oh before I forget, Connor you might like this fact. I have discovered that Ska is Huge in Thailand. One of the few times I glanced at a TV as we were eating lunch one day, they were advertising a Ska concert. Also I heard a Band name that I think I recognize, "The Teddy Ska band" anyways Connor you should look them up and tell me if they are any good.
Well lets see, Ik have a request for a few items in this next pacage, First send more Poptarts I loved getting those and eating a few for breakfast and snacks at night. Also I would like to have a picture of Tessa and me. There should be a few either on my computer or in my junk drawer in what used to be my dresser. I think it could make a good object lesson. Last I would like to request a Triple combination of the Book of Mormon, D & C, and Pearl of Great Price. I am finding that I don't ever use the bible except in personal study and it takes up a lot of space in my bag. Oh and please send a copy of the November Ensign as well. I would like to know what was talked about.

The guitar in the picture is mine at the moment. We think that someone left it behind when they left, so it became the house guitar. The only problem is that when ever I try to replace the strings on it, a single string breaks. So I have bought a lot of strings for it.

Today we don't have anything really planned other then hanging out and buying a few things. Elder Ito is starting to buy things to take home to his family next month when he returns. We are planning to go visit a shop where we think I can buy a Acrylic ball to juggle. Hey Connor how is that coming along? Any ways that's about our day. And the rain just got a lot worse.

Oh I wanted to run a idea by you mom. So since I am in Asia and its really cheap to get a custom made suit. Plus the guy the missionaries buy from is a member so he gives us a huge discount, plus I was given a coupon for a really big discount, do you think I could go buy one?

Oh I almost forgot. I don't think that I have Scott Arata's address. Could you send that to me please?

Dad I was able to read the news ward letter. How long have you been sending letters to the missionaries? It's a good idea.

Well I think we're about ready to face the rain. Lots of rain from the look of it. :(
Oh for the question about my shoes. You see really no matter what we do we are never dry rain or no rain. so we just kind of go and dry out as we ride or teach or what ever.


I love you guys lots

Elder Brandon Holt

Off to fight the rain.

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