Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Traveling to Bangkok

Hey family

Well I didn't really have quite as exciting week as a had two weeks ago but it was good. We have really spent this whole week trying to find new investigators because we are dropping many of the people that we have been teaching the last few months that haven't been progressing. Its been really hard. We have been able to start teaching one guy though. His name is Meow or Cat in English. I must have invited him several weeks ago with Elder Blackhurst but forgot about it because last week as Elder Jolley and I were walking by he shouted, " hey Elder." and I recognized him. He then asked us if we still had that book that he wanted to give him. We said we did then made an appointment to see him the next day. He works with his wife in the market selling vegetables. So we asked if we could meet him at the place that he sells.

I think that he didn't realize that we wanted to sit down and teach him because he wasn't there at first when we went to meet him. We waited for a few minutes and he showed up riding his bike.... well the front half is a bike, the back half is a trailer to move stuff around in. Its called a samlaw or in English its called a 3wheel. Anyways he came and said he was putting stuff away for the night. We figured that this wasn't the best time to teach him so we asked if we could help.... Well really we just started putting stuff away and didn't ask because if you ask people they usually say its all right, I don't need help. So we helped him put his stuff into his 3 wheel bike and take it down the street to store for the night. After we finished that we set up another appointment to see him the next day.

The next day we returned again and tried to sit down to teach him. But he was busy again. This time he was taking bug repellent and placing it into small bags so that he could sell it. So we again figured that this was a bad time to teach and sat down with him and helped him make these bags of bug repellent. This time we left him a Book of Mormon and set another appointment for a later time the next day and to meet him at his house. After we left we realized that we had no idea where he lived.

The next day we ran into him in front of our church. He was running some stuff somewhere. So we asked him where his house was and got his number in case we got lost. That night as we were looking for his house, because we did get lost, we tried to call him but was unable to reach him. So we did the next best thing and tried to find someone to help us find him. Also know as Inviting . So we talked to a guy and his friend that were close by. One happened to be drinking and was unable to speak clearly( this is a reason I will never drink, it literally makes you stupid). Anyways the other guy was only buzzed a little bit and we tried to talk to him. After asking if he knew Meow he said you are those guys with that book. This was a little confusing at first but we asked what book. he said the one about Jesus. Normally it means that someone gave him a bible, but he said wait I'll go get it. So he left and brought out a Book of Mormon. That was a little surprising. He said that he had finished it and it was good but he was really interested in learning more. So we grabbed his name and address and told him that we would back in the morning.

Well the next day we went back and the guy that we found wasn't really interested anymore then when he was drunk but the funny thing is as we were talking to him, Meow, the guy we were originally looking for walks out on the street and motions to us. He told us he was sorry that we tried to call and couldn't get him because his phone had no power. He then asked if we could teach right then. We said yes. SO we were able to teach him finally. We also saw him a few days after that with a member to help us explain more. We are planning to go back tonight for the third time as well. One thing I think I learned from this is that you might not always get to teach a guy on the first time. But be diligent if the Lord has prepared him to learn there will be a way.

On Wednesday we will go to Udorn where we will hop on the train to take us down to Bangkok. We are going as a zone its going to be fun. What the plan is to leave at night so we can get there early morning Thursday to go to Moves meeting. After moves meeting depending on what is going to happen, We haven't gotten any calls whether we are moving or not yet, I will have some free time to go around with another Elder and renew my visa as well as see Bangkok. I love traveling. Thursday night we'll hop back on the train and come back to Udorn and then on Friday morning will hop on a bus back here. whew. That's a lot of traveling.

Mom I'm pleased to say I have about 10 or so pages left in my journal. So I'm looking for a new one in the next few days. I never thought that I would fill a whole book up.

Connor I have to say after the shirt thing, You're the man.

Ok my time is up. I'll try not to eat anything too crazy this coming week, but I can't make any promises

I love you all

Elder Brandon John Holt

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