Monday, May 24, 2010

General Authorities in country

Hello Everyone

Well this week I'm writing from the province next door in the Zone leaders area of Udorn. I'm here for two reasons. First this weekend has been really sweet because we have had four General Authorities in Thailand. I think it was Saturday and Sunday that all four of them were here. Elder Oaks, Bishop Burton, Elder Holister from the Quorum of the Seventies Presidency, and Elder Pratt from the Area Seventies. Today there was a special Fireside for the missionaries mission wide. It was held in downtown Bangkok but we watched by the power of live Internet streaming up here in Udorn.

Elder Jolley and I had to get up at 4:30 to hop on a bus at 5:30 to ride 4 hours to get here. It kind of reminded me of early morning swimming. Anyways it was a really sweet fireside where Elder Holister and Sister Holister spoke (the other General Authorities needed to tend to some business in other parts of Asia so they left the country). They talked about the purpose of our missions. And about applying everything we learn here not only here but in our afterlife/ when we return home.

President Smith said that a real miracle happened in the last few days, and I have to agree with him. He said that the resulting and sudden peace was not because of the military intervention only, but because the Lord was clearing a safe way for the General Authorities to come to Thailand.

The second reason that I am in Udorn is for the next few days Elder Jolley and I are going to switch off with our Zone Leaders. Elder Jolley is going back to Sakon and I will stay here. We'll be switched off for the next 4 days. The great thing was that our Zone leaders didn't tell us that we would be switching off until after I was almost asleep last night because of the early morning wake up. So when they called I had to wake up and hurry and pack some clothes for the next few days. Elder Jolley and I will switch back on Thursday at Zone Conference.

This last week has been interesting. As I can see in your email you've seen some of the damage in Bangkok. There were also other place in other parts of the country that were lit on fire. Because of the events that happened on Tuesday last week, we got a call from our zone leader saying First that we had to return to our house and stay there. They later called back to report that there had been a curfew made between the hours of 8 pm and 5 am. This was made by the government so it applied to everyone. However thankfully nothing happened in our area. but we still followed the curfew for the last few nights, I think today they are lifting it, so everything should be going back to normal maybe. I saw photos of the Central mall that was burned down. I am pretty sure that's the one where most of the missionaries go when they can to buy neck ties. That was a way huge mall its crazy that its gone now.

Anyways none of that really affected us anyways because we are in the house normally at 8:30. So the work moved on. We have not had the chance to meet the guy at Citi bank again yet but we will keep trying. I called him the other day and he says that he doesn't always work at that branch so he'll call us when he is back again. Other than that the work has been slow this last week. We have invited a lot and I really don't have any cool stories to share this time but maybe next week.

Ok I have to go the time is short today. Thank you for the root beer recipe. I'm way excited to try it when we get a chance.

Love you all.

Elder Brandon John Holt

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