Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One year down!

Hello Family

Well Its going to be a really strange week because I'm hitting the one year mark. I had a thought today as we were cleaning the house. I think it was one year today that I gave my farewell talk. That's strange. Anyways.

This last week I did a lot of traveling outside of my area. As the last email said I was in Udorn with Elder Rovic. He is one of the 2 zone leaders. The other Zone leader, Elder Westwood, Came to Sakon Nakhon and worked with Elder Jolley here. I learned a lot from Elder Rovic. Mainly the importance of putting your effort in the right place. One thing we talked about is the improvement of the whole zone over the last 6 weeks since Elder Rovic has become a Zone Leader here. 6 weeks ago our Zone, Minus one area with missionaries that were tearing it up, was pretty much dead. We weren't finding anybody new to teach. After going over the results with him, I saw that our key investigators have gone up a lot. We figured that this is because we changed the focus of where we were placing our effort. We have really focused on finding new people to teach that were really interested. It kind of hard to explain more then that. Anyways I learned a lot about how to invite people that the Lord has prepared better.

After 3 days in Udorn, we went to Khon Keng to have zone Conference. Here is where I met back up with Elder Jolley and switched back. At zone Conference, President Smith taught us about effective goal setting, daily and weekly planning, and the improvements to the English class that is going to take place nationwide. It was funny as President Smith was talking about how to take a vision and make it happen, I kept thinking about my dream to become a falconer. When I was 12 I had a vision to become a falconer. So I set goals that I needed to make. Such as have $1500 dollars for the equipment by the time I was 16, and take and pass the test. Through the goals and plans that I set I was able to achieve my vision and trap Tessa when I was 17 in high school. Thinking about that the past few days has really helped me to realize how helpful knowing what your vision is and making goals to achieve it is.

Well a little about Udorn. Its a much bigger city then Sakon Nakhon. I'm told its the third biggest tourist trap in Thailand, under Bangkok and Chaing Mai. Its really big. They have a lot a members there. So much that there is 2 branches there. The Missionaries there have split the city into three areas. Well really two. The zone leaders area, the Udorn District leader area, just normal missionaries, and the Sisters area, which cover the whole city. I have switched off enough in Udorn now that I think I can find my way from the bus station to the Elders home, but anymore then that and I'm lost.

So concerning the curfew, as far as we, the missionaries in Sakon Nakon, its been lifted. Things never really got crazy here thankfully.But you are right It was placed on specific provinces in the country. It was interesting as we were in Khong Keng this last weekend. The District Leader over that area warned us that there were certain areas that were off limits for the missionaries still to go into because of the events that took and may still be taking place. but other than that the country has really quieted down from my point of view. But everyone is still on guard.

It was interesting, I had the chance to talk to some firefighters in Udorn (that was really fun because I also learned a little about firefighting in Thailand) and he said when everything went crazy his fire truck caught on fire, but he didn't really explain why, I think he was a little embarrassed about it.

Anyways that's about it for what has been happening here in Thailand for the last week. Moves meeting is coming up really fast again, it on the 11th of June. so in about a week and a half. Elder Jolley and I know that one of us have to move because we have been together for 2 moves already. Its probably me that will move, unless something strange happens like I train or become senior companion. we'll see. Either way its going to be a exciting moves meeting.

I found out what Jasmine rice is here. It is a type of rice they eat. They call it the rice that smells good.That's a rough translation. Anyways if I get the chance to buy it I'll buy a little bit and tell you what I think. Speaking about cooking. In Udorn I tried to make a Thai desert, Its sticky rice with mango. Anyways I was able to do it. so when I get back I will have to make it. Its really good. Its also really really sweet. I think this next year I'm going to have to be more adventurous as well and start really learning how to make more Thai food. A lot of it really wouldn't be too hard, just takes some time to do it.

I can't wait to get the new conference addition. That one thing i have really learned to love on a mission. The sweet things that the apostles and our prophet tell us every year. And i have 4 pages left in my journal. I think that i will end it on Thursday one year after I started it in the MTC. No rush though if you send it in the next few days i should get it at move meeting. And until then I can write in a different note book.

Ok I have to go I love you all, and wish you warmer weather. But not to the weather here.

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Mom here. We're thinking about making this blog private. If you would like to be included in the list, please either comment below or email/call me. Thanks for supporting our missionary!

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  1. Please reconsider going private.
    I've enjoyed reading these letters home.
    I've actually learned a few things from these readings.
    It was obvious that Brandon did not know his letters were being published in a blog. That came as a big surprise to him.

    Going private would be a great loss to the missionary community and anyone interested in the topic.

    Can't any of you afford a camera? Post some pictures .