Monday, October 11, 2010

teeth cleaned in Thailand

Hello family
Well its that time of the month again. The time where everyone gets to predict where everyone is going and what we are all doing. Then we have to wait with nervousness for the phone calls that come tomorrow. Here is the worst part, there is really no one who can predict where I am going to go because with me anything can happen. Let me give you the choices. I can 1. move and be a zone leader (I don't want this one) 2. I could stay and train. 3. I could stay here with Elder Lesueur for another moves (Probably not). 4. I could stay here and be a district leader just like I am now (not likely) 5. I could just move to another area and stay district leader (99.9% no) and 6. I could move to a new area and just be senior companion with no calling (this would be my favorite but I'm 100% sure it won't happen.. but I thought it would be fun just to think it out here). So what do you guys think is going to happen. I can't wait. From the rumors that the zone leaders are passing around which are normally true if your zone leader will be going home, is that there will be big boundary changes coming up in the mission.
This last weekend was a little interesting. I got some of conference in English. yay :P but, there were some events that happened that made it so I wasn't able to listen to the morning Sunday session at all and the Saturday session in Thai. That's all right I can wait until the conference edition. Here's what happened (just like monk) On Saturday we arrived at the church at 9 am. as we walked in we were greeted by some members and investigators. coincidentally this week our branch president and some other members took a trip to the Hong Kong temple so they were not present for this. Anyway the first councilor stayed behind and was presiding. We found out after a few minutes that nobody who was present knew how to work the satellite system, so they left it up to Elder Baker, our technology expert in the mission. So as he was playing with the system he found out that something went wrong and we didn't have conference. Well by this time it was 10 am when we were supposed to start.
Well Elder Baker, being the one he is, he formed a plan and then put it to action. He had Elder Lesuesr and me run home and grab our memory card and meet him at the nearest internet cafe. There he spent the next few hours downloading and putting an English version of conference with the Thai translation together (they didn't have the Thai translation posted on the church web site yet) He saved the day.
By 1 pm we were able to watch the morning session and conference. But there was only a Thai version at the time so I watched it in Thai. The next day we DL(downloaded) it in English so we could watch the other sessions, Elder Lesueur wasn't feeling too good on Sunday morning so we stayed in and he slept to recover. But by noon he was alright so we went out and watched the rest at church.
I really like the priesthood session a lot. I felt there was something in each talk I could apply to missionary work. Also when President Eyring asked the full time missionaries to stand up, the 4 of us watching did. It was great.
Ok My time is a little short today. but before I go I have to tell you. Today I did something that I didn't think I would do in Thailand. I got my teeth cleaned at the dentist. Elder Lesueur and I have been talking about it and it only cost 500 baht or 17 dollars to do. It was nice. Yes it was clean. And it was done the same as they do it in America. I have nice clean teeth now.
I love you all
Elder Brandon John Holt

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