Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New companion

hello family

I'm doing great not counting the fact that I'm getting more and more tired. That's something that I have noticed the last few months is that I'm more and more exhausted at night. Well, maybe I'll get to the point to where I get home I will get dragged off the plane. That is what Elder Holland wanted us to do in the MTC.

Anyhow so Elder Kampanat and I had a curve ball thrown at us this last week. On Tuesday last week we got a call from the zone leaders saying that Elder Kampanat was moving. Well, that was a fast 6 weeks. Anyway he moved up to the Issan. He has been hoping to get a chance to practice his Issan for the last few weeks. Because he was from Bangkok he can't understand the east language because the dialect is so different. Anyways because he moved I got a new companion. Its an Elder that I have already had the pleasure of working with in Ubon. Elder Christensen. He was in my district when I was companions with Elder Leseuer. Then transferred areas when I began training Elder Jensen. He is a great guy and has a awesome testimony.

In this last week a lot has happened in our area with the daters. Do you remember ice and Nipone. They are the 2 original daters that we have been working with since I got to Pakkret 6 weeks ago. They both got interviewed again. Brother Nipone passed, and will be baptized next Sunday. I'm way excited for him, he has had some hard times in his life and the gospel is going to help him a lot. Sister Ice was interviewed and didn't pass because of a family issue. She isn't married by law. That's something that is very very important to make sure happens. The more I teach and learn about the law of chastity the more that I can see it is something that Thailand needs a lot. And it needs to be taught with boldness. Here it is something that I think the community sees there is a problem but it is unable to solve because they have never really understood how to solve the problem. Its one thing that I am grateful for the Lord giving us a commandment to keep our minds and bodies clean by following the law of chastity. For anyplace that it is not there, families are being destroyed by Satan and his attacks. With Sister Ice we will help her understand the importance of being married the right way and how it will help her family.

Remember mam? she went to church last Sunday and was able to see a baptism of an investigator that the assistant taught. Then this last Saturday we gave her date and she accepted to be baptized on the 20th of march. She will need to overcome a smoking and coffee drinking problem but she should be able to stop by this Friday. She already has a good start to a testimony. We will help her build it more.

Thanks for the updates on the ward mission plan dad. We were able to talk to our branch mission leader, Brother Smith(he is from New Zealand), and now I think he understands a little bit better of how the plan works. He is going to try his hardest to get things moving her in the Pakkret branch. If we can get this program figured out then I know it will be able to help Thailand out a lot with the retention problem that it has at the moment.

Well, this week the temperature has been increasing as we roll into the hot season. I'm going to die. I will have to keep the thoughts of snow through my head a lot.

I was thinking of something that you could send me in the next package. I ran out of cardova shoe polish and have not been able to find any yet. It might just be easier to send some. But I'm going to look this week in a different store. I tell you next week.

That's it for this week. Thank you for your prayers and support

I love you all

Elder Brandon John Holt

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