Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Testimony of the Atonement

Hello Family

I'm doing great this week. Still alive and kicking. Its been a pretty slow week for the mission work this week, we had a lot of little chores to do, plus zone meeting, that was fun. So we were slowed down but the pace is coming back.

So we'll start with zone conference this week. I was thinking about it, the meetings here have really changed since I came into the country. For example The first zone conference there were lots of missionaries, probably up to 50. because every zone in Bangkok came. This last time it was only one zone the Pakkret zone with 14 elders, 2 sisters, and about 6 or 8 senior missionaries. Then President and Sister Smith as well. It was nice cozy and personal. I like it this way a lot better but it sounds like its a lot of work for President Smith. He had three zone conferences in a role that he had to be at this last week.

The meeting was on the Atonement and the importance of teaching it correctly so that our investigators understand how it plays on their lives. It's something that I personally am grateful for. That one reason I am glad that I came on a mission. I never really looked at the gospel as something that I needed, well I take that back but I didn't really understand the importance of the gospel and how it all relies on the Atonement. teaching it everyday helped me to see the importance of it. If our Savor hadn't given everything for us we really would be stuck were we are not being able to better ourselves in anyway. But because of the Atonement we are able to repent of our imperfections and become better through the mercies and grace of the Savior.

The funny thing about this is the next day with Brother Nipoe and Sister Eye, our two daters, we discovered that they didn't yet have a testimony or a very good understanding of the atonement and the power that is in in. So we had a chance to teach them about it.

After Zone meeting was over we had a zone activity. We, as a zone, went into Bangkok to see Wat Arome, a ancient Buddhist temple. that is just off the main river that cuts Bangkok in half. Its awesome. I will send some pictures of the activity. and of the wat.

The rest of the week was a lot of planning and trying to help our investigators get to baptism. Sister eye didn't pass her baptismal interview which isn't a big deal it just means that we need to wait a little longer to help her receive her testimony and be truly ready to be a member in the Lord's Kingdom. Next week we are going to have her get interviewed again, then she will be ready.

I got the first package last week and have enjoyed the stuff that you sent. Thank you for the deodorant especially. Now Elder Kampanat doesn't have to worry about me stinking anymore 555.

In my MTC group there were originally 15 people. 12 elders and 3 sisters but the sisters have all returned home now and its just the elders. That reminds me I forgot who our bishops name is, don't tell him that, I need to know in order to give the information to the office. Anyways we all got the papers at the same time. Elder Porter and I were talking last week at how strange it is to think that a year and a half ago we were in the MTC, it only seems like a few weeks ago I just got to Thailand. I hate how time flies.

Connor, Brother Keng says hi. He was sitting next to me a few minutes ago but had to run to catch his flight back home. Did you know that he is going to Las Vegas for two months in March. then he will be going to San Diego. I said we will have to meet up when I get back. Maybe when we go to Laguna you and I will take a trip to the acupuncture school that he will learning at. Oh and I think there is no way that you can beat my hair style that I had my junior year. Half black half blond, shaved and divided down the middle and to top it off liberty spikes. That was the idea of one of the girls on the team. Mom almost fainted. 555555 love you mom.

Dad I sending you a plan that we are trying to put into action here in Thailand for the ward council. Tell me what you think and if you have ever seen anything like it. I think its experimental and they are trying it out here in Thailand to see how it works but I definitely think it can work if it is worked right. It has to do with recent coverts and less active families as well and part- member families.

Ok I love you all

Elder Brandon John Holt

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