Sunday, June 5, 2011

May 30, 2011

สวัสดีครัป everyone

Its been a good week. This week we were able to give out two baptism dates. The first was with "M." Her boyfriend has left for Japan and he agrees not to move back in with her when he comes back. So that clears up a big problem. She has agreed to get baptized on the 19th of June. No that's not because I am going home on the 24th but because that's when we felt that she would be ready. She is progressing really fast as well. We went to teach her one night last week and she said that she had already given up coffee and we hadn't even taught let alone commit her to follow the Word of Wisdom. We had talked about it a little to let her know what was coming up in her future needless to say after that she had said that we returned the next time and taught and committed her to follow the Word of Wisdom. The two biggies in the commandment list are out of the way. There are a few other commandments that we need to talk about but I don't think she will have any problems with them. She is going to be fun to teach.

Next we gave one to Doom. She is not progressing quite as fast as "M" but, she is still progressing. Her date is for the 19th as well. With that there is her daughter UUM (อุ้ม) as well that should be baptized on that date. She is currently struggling with the Word of Wisdom with coffee and smoking as well. We also need to cover a lot of commandments with her in order to get her ready. Next there is the fact that her husband isn't really on the best of terms with us. Not to the point that he is anti but Doom is worried about what would happen if she gets baptized. So with that in mind its very important that we have members help in order to help us with some concerns that we don't quite have the experience in. But, I have faith that it will be good.

I'm glad to hear that the package got to home safely. That's got some books and things in it that I want for keepsakes. I'm probably going to send two or three more home that size. I think it will make traveling a lot more สบายๆ with less stuff in the suitcases coming home to worry about.

Today I picked up my new suit. It took a chunk of cash but I am happy with it. I'll send pictures home next week.

Well with the weather here in Thailand, its still raining everyday. But in Bangkok its a lot easier to get around because of taxis. In my areas before if it rained we were stuck where we were because it came down so hard.

Here are some words in Thai. Love ความรัก, happiness ความสุก, pray การสวดอ้อนวอน This one may not translate correctly because its a word that the church made up, learn เรียน, and life ชีวิต, and faith ศรัทธา, I'll give you some more next week if you remind me.

I love you all

Elder Brandon John

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