Saturday, June 13, 2009

First letter home June 3, 2009

Dear Mom and Dad and family,

Sorry Dad if you take offence to the address but it always been ladies first. Well I don’t think the shock of the MTC hit me until I walked in the first building that I was directed to and they slapped a missionary badge on me and said, “Hey you’re a missionary now.” Sadly, I never had time to think about that until now. I’m a missionary learning to do the Lord’s work, and there is no place I would rather be!

After you left my host missionary rushed me to my dorm. As we walked in I got some unusual glared from the other elders. But I think it was mostly me and my nerves. We walked into my room where I met one of my roommate, who’s name I have forgotten because I haven’t seen him since, Anyways as I walked out an elder putting a medical mask on warned me “Elder get a mask. You’re in ground zero for the swine flu.” I thought to myself, just my luck.

I found out later that one of my other roommates was quarantined because he is one of the confirmed cases. I just found out as well that there are 4 more confirmed cases on our floor. I think I’ll get a mask!

Food is not so bad here, they have all you can eat. Ice cream that’s the best part.

The rest of the day consisted of meetings and orientation. They warned us of tomorrow, it supposed to be the hardest day. Yikes, is all I cay say.

I ran into Sasha. That was a pain, no hugs and for the next week or two, no handshakes either. That’s a real pain.

So ends the first day!

Love you guys,

Your son, brother and friend

Elder Holt

Fighting for truth since June 2009

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