Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MTC Email June 9, 2009

Hello my family

How is the home life treating you? Well I survived the first four days in the MTC. I can now go on for the next 749 days. yes that is the correct amount of days. The MTC has been an amazing and spiritual experience, I hope it will continue to be as such or more. I have many experiences that i will share in the letter that i will send home today. Oh that reminds me my P-days are on Tuesday so you will receive letters and emails on that day. I am only supposed to write letters on p days but if i get the time(not likely) i will write on other days.

Well the food here is great for the moment. That may change at in 10 weeks from now. I hope you got my letter that said that i will leave on the 17th of august. Anyways back to the food idea. Its yummy and its all you can eat. Putting two and two together i have discovered a very interesting fact. since i last weighed myself last month i have gained 7 pounds. 3 of those i know i gathered in the MTC. so that outs me at around 181 pounds and if i keep at this speed i should be around 250 pounds before I leave the MTC. I think the church may have to buy two tickets for Thailand for me.

If you feel so inclined to send me a care package, I would like some goodies that are covered in chocolate, for example fastbreaks, twixs and snickers. I also would request so detergent and fabric softeners. That would save this missionary some money. Not that i have a lot. Also I would love to have some jerky, teriyaki, thai, salt and pepper, or original flavors would be nice. any flavor would work.

The MTC is an awesome experience. I love to walk around and here the many languages that the missionary are learning. They placed the Thai district in the same quarters as many of the other south east Asia missions so I'm also learning a little of Korean, Cambodian, and Japanese at the same time as Thai.

I discovered that our district is very well connected. First there is a Sister Young who is the niece of Steve Young, who has threatened us several times in letters he has sent to her. Next there is our district leader Elder McConkie. He is the grandson of Bruce R McConkie. Then there is me who being from Murray knows David Archuleta. I believe we have the greatest district in the MTC . There are 15 of us 12 elders and 3 sisters. I'm running out of time please forgive me if I talk about any of this again in the letter i send.

I know that I am enlisted in the Lord's Army and that I am a guide to many who wander in the darkness of the world. I know that my Redeemer lives and loves all of us.
I love you all
say hi to every one and chip

oh the Thai is coming along very well by the way it is difficult to learn but it makes sense

love you all

Elder Brandon J Holt
A guild to those wandering in the darkness since June 2009

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