Monday, June 15, 2009

Letter home June 9,2009

Dear Mom, Dad Connor, Chip, Fish and Pigeons,

How are you all? I hope you received my email, I only had 30 minutes to write it. After the time is up the program shuts off whether I sent the email or not. Just say I called it really, really close.

As I have said, I have had an amazing experience here. My testimony has been built up. I am in awe of how the Spirit and the Lord works on us here. I know that no one here that I have met, is here on coincidence.

My teachers, Brother Duhan and a native Brother Saakha ( I think) are excellent teachers. Its funny how on the first class day, Thursday I think they spoke nothing but
Thai and we gave them all blank stares. By Thursday night however, we had been able to learn how to pray in Thai.

On Saturday we were shown the TA of the old TRC, where each week we have to perform some task in Thai. We all discovered that class here at the MTC works a little differently than in the world. Here we the students decide what to learn and be taught. We’re able to decide this during our weekly planning sessions on Saturday nights.

During Saturday night I had a spiritual experience that I hope never to forget. Sister O’Neil, a “Pii” Thai missionary from the other Thai district. Pii Thai means older Thais. They call us “nung” Thai or young Thais. Anyhow, Sister O’Neil invited us to join them in singing hymns. We arrived at 8:00 and sang in Thai until 8:30 then other districts in our zone joined us and we sang our favorite hymns in English.

It was then I realized that we had all truly enlisted into the army of God. We were inviting the Spirit into our lives and praising the Lord in song. It felt as though the army of Helaman was standing next to us and sing along with us. I will never forget the experience and plan to do it again next week.

I learned what the true meaning day of rest means on Sunday. No class, no cramming Thai, just spiritual enlightening through meetings and firesides. It was a great experience. They gave us the service call of cleaning up and taking down the chairs after the MTC fireside. It was pretty fun to do. They use a mat to cover the gym floor and it takes some interesting teamwork to fold it up and put it away.

On Monday, nothing really exciting happened until night. Our class was beginning to learn how to testify in Thai. As our instructor wrote the phrases in Thai on the board, we began to talk of home and of things we did before we came on our missions. We talked of girlfriend and boyfriends (well the sisters did) we talked of TV shows and music, we talked of video games and other worldly things. During our talking no one noticed that Brother Saakha our native Thai instructor sit down. He sat there until I believe the spirit could (I can’t read this word. Sorry. Aleen) allow what was going on to continue. He stood and quietly and softly stopped us. With the spirit with him he reminded us that we had been set apart from the world and we should never again talk of such things. His words penetrated every heart in that room. He went on to say many other things that still haven’t left my memory and soul. After he said these things, he left the room and us in our shame. At that moment, I felt the prompting that we as a district should apologize to the Lord on our knees. I suggested it and we all got onto our knees. I gave a prayer that I will always remember. In it we all covenanted that from that time forward we would always remember that we are there for the Thai people, not for ourselves and that we were set apart from the world.

I have never had a spiritual experience that strong before in my life. It brought tears to all our eyes.

On lighter notes I think you should send cookies through the next package as well.
I want you to know that I am here for a reason. Through the Atonement of Christ all man kind may be saved. I know that my redeemer lives. I am proud to serve the Thai people and the Lord.

I love you all
Your son, Brother and Friend
Elder Brandon Holt
Guiding those wandering through the darkness since 2009

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