Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello family So this week I decided that is really hot and wet over here. I think it has rained every day. Anyways I'm still alive.

let's get to the question answering. With our bikes most elders either donate them to the mission and give them to native elders, some sell their bikes for a new suit, which is what Elder Ito is looking to do I may do that as well, or you can just trash them, the bikes get really rusty and unstable or at least from what I have seen with a lot of missionary's bikes here.

OK so after last week and zone conference my main focus has been setting goals for everything mission related. Goals for the next 2 moves that I'll be spending here in Lop Buri. Goals to help me learn the language, and goals to help me be a better missionary. It has taken a long time but I think I finally got some that will help me progress.

This week we began teaching an older man names Boonrod. We found him when we were inviting around the neighborhoods around our house. we have taught him three times the last week mainly about the Restoration. When we teach we have to teach slower then what missionarys would teach to Christian investigators because Christianity is a whole new subject to most Thai people. We took with us Brother Aladin the ward mission leader to most of the lessons so that he can help explain and share his conversion story and his testimony. I think Boonrod is coming along. He is a little hesitant because he has had Buddhist teachings all his life and it is hard to change, but I think he will over come.

Another investigator that has been making an improvement is ชี่ต(chit) Cool I found a way to write in Thai. Anyhow, he has been taking the discussions since before I arrived in country. Last week in our lesson we think he is finally beginning to see the difference between our religion and all the others. ชี่ต works in a drug store inside a Big C, kind of like a Walmart/ mall. We have had to teach him at his work a lot because it's hard to get a hold of him because he has to work a lot to support his family. Anyways ชี่ต is one of the investigators with a baptismal date, and I think he will make it.

Lets see..... this week Elder Ito and I found a great place to eat steak. We go there quite often because we love foriegn food, but its expensive. I also ate another thing that I never thought I would eat, ผ้าขิ้ริ้ว or in English, intestines. I'm not quite sure what kind of intestines, but I'm told it was pig. Anyways it was really good. I got it with a Essan dish called Lam It was really spicy and chewy. I also had the chance to eat Dragon fruit and guava. Those are both very good as well.

Life sounds really exciting at home. I hope to get some pictures as well. Which reminds me I need to warn you if you decide to send me a package do not send it express. There is a really nice fee that I get to pay on this side when I receive it. Also if you send me food items make sure they can last for a few weeks. I might not get the chance to pick up the package for several weeks. I think I get them at Zone conference and moves meetings, because they are sent to the mission office where I think its held until I pick it up. But if you do want to send a package you should send in it American candy , chocolate if possible. Also snacks are nice as well. I would also like to have another family photo if that's OK or make it two. I did some things to the last one to help make it an inviting tool. I'm going to try and send some pictures home this week to see if it will work. I hope you enjoy them.

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