Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost Christmas

Hey Family

Sorry, I may have forgot to tell you that I was going to have Preparation day on Tuesday this week. That's all right it will give me some time to send some pictures this week. (hopefully if this computer will let me upload).

Well so far it has been a crazy week and it will only get crazier as the week goes by. The reason we have preparation day on Tuesday this week is because moves day is tomorrow. There are some huge changes starting this moves. One is the sister area here in Lop Buri is closing down. Sister Josephson and now Sister O Nell, the sister that replaced Sister Webb( She had a family problem and had to return home for a few weeks, but she will come back we hope) are both moving to new areas and Elder Hawkes and I are taking over their investigators. So in the next week Elder Hawkes and I will have to sort through all our investigators in Lop Buri and decide who we can use time to see and who we can drop because they are not really progressing.

Elder Hawkes and I are not going to moves meeting tomorrow because President Smith is changing things up so that only the missionaries that have to go to meeting will go. So if you're not moving areas you can stay in your area and keep the work going instead of having to take the day off to travel to the north of Bangkok for a meeting. It used to be that everyone in the 3 Bangkok Zones had to go to moves meeting.

Since I'm not moving this moves and this is starting 4th moves in Lop Buri, I will most likely move next moves in 7 weeks from now, Unless something really crazy happens between now and then.

This week the members have been getting ready for the Christmas program on Saturday night. We helped them last night set up a lot of the decorations there were a lot. They really are going all out with trying to bring the Christmas spirit to Thailand. They have changed the lights blue in the cultural hall and have set up stage like things in other rooms. I think they are going to have people move from one room to another, doing a little skit in each room. It's going to be really fun. I think that I am a shepherd in one of the rooms but I'm not really sure. I'll tell you more about it next week and I may send pictures if I take any.

So Elder Hawkes and I have discovered a very yummy treat here in Thailand this week. Coconut. Yummy. They have them everywhere and they are pretty cheep and yummy. We got one for the first time here when we were inviting a guy and went back to give him a Book of Mormon. He was living in a shop where his sister sells coconut. This is how nice Thai people really are. She gave us a free coconut. We enjoyed the treat. The coconut milk is the best part too.

That's really about it for the week.
I'll be looking forward to next week

Love you
Elder Brandon J Holt.

PS I wasn't able to send any photos. The computer won't read that's alright I'm creating the DVD right now to send home.

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