Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Celebrating Christmas

Hello family

No worries about the missed email. Its ok because this week I get to send and read email and talk to you. Hey so I have some information that I think you would like concerning the phone call that I will get. That's right You will need to call me. strange huh? well heres the info.
So you will have to call this number xxxxxx. Now Mom don't get too excited and call early because its against the mission laws. lol. So I'm not really sure the time difference but I think the best time to call me will be around 9:30 Pm on Christmas day I think that would be Christmas morning around 7:30 Am for you guys but I'm not sure so you may want to check that before. I'll be waiting for you on the other line. I might also answer in Thai, because I won't recognize the number, so don't be surprised when someone picks up and is speaking a different language. lol.

Well here in Thailand people are kind of getting ready for Christmas. But nobody really celebrates like we do back in the states. There are a few places that have Christmas trees up, but its still not huge. There are also always shops to buy Christmas lights and stuff at because the Buddhist will use stuff like that to decorate their shrines. But you see what the real thing every one here is getting ready for is New Years. That's going to be a crazy few days. If I understood right they are going to take 3 days to celebrate it. Its going to be a fun few days trying to find some new investigators.

Well the Christmas program was a good success. Elder Hawkes and I were shepherds after all. The ward had several rooms set up and they broke the people into groups then they traveled from room to room and saw little skits and songs that we preformed. they had a room for the Angels, wise men, King Herod, shepherds, The Inn keeper, and Mary and Joseph in the manger. After everyone had traveled around Elder Hawkes and I ran and grabbed some homemade Ice Cream( mmmm Thai coconut ice cream) and then ran home so we weren't late for curfew at 9. But I hear after we left they had a drawing for presents that everyone brought and they were doing some other things as well. Looked really fun but we couldn't stay.

We went down to the north of Bangkok on Saturday for a District Leader Training meeting that Elder Hawkes had to go to. We also took one of our investigators down for a baptismal interview. Were going to have a baptism this Sunday. Its cool because the man getting baptized is the first investigator that I ever taught here in Thailand.

I also got your package on Saturday from the Zone leaders. It must have been sitting in their house for a few days because when I got it, it was infested with ants. That tends to happen sometimes here. Ants are really good at sniffing out food. So I'm sorry to announce that I opened that package. But I didn't unwrap anything yet, except the peanut brittle and the candy canes. but I was able to save the candy. Well actually, Sister ระเบียบ ( reb-Biab) helped with the peanut brittle. I thought it was too far gone to save so I was going to throw it away but Sister ระเบียบ stopped me and said that, " your mother would be sad if you throw away your candy." She then got all of the ants out for me. The peanut brittle is still good and yummy. :P Oh Sister ระบียบ is the wife of the investigator that is getting baptised this sunday. She is like our grandma here. She always spoils us with treats when we go over to teach.

16 ins of snow on the east coast. I'll take some of that. I'm sick of this 80 degree clear blue skies palm tree weather. I hope Ally and Jed made it safe.

Well I have one more thing I need to tell you before I go. President Smith has now switched our Preparation days to Mondays so I think you will have to write Emails on Sunday night so that I can get them here on Monday morning.

OKI love you all and I can't wait to talk to you on Christmas.

Elder Brandon J. Holt

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