Tuesday, February 2, 2010

hey family

I'm still alive . I moved to a new area in the north east of Thailand.

Sorry I had the whole story typed out but I kicked the power cord and it shut down the computer so I lost the whole thing.

The area I am in is Sakon Nakhorn. My new companion is named Elder Blackhurst. He is from Cottonwood Heights.

Connor I think you may have beaten my time for 100 free. and nice job on the 100 back. You'll do even better on next year.

For a package. We have zone conference in 3 weeks that won't be in Bangkok but I should be able to get it there.
I would like to make a request for American deodorant. Thai deodorant doesn't work at all.

ok I love you all

and I promise to give you a better report of moves next week.

Love you

Elder Brandon John Holt

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