Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello Family

Once again I need to apologize for last week, if I had had the problem in the beginning I would have time to rewrite the email.

Well as stated I almost 100% sure that I will be moving this Thursday but, tomorrow they will give me the call and tell who is moving. But sad to say I won't know where I'll move until President Smith tells me on Thursday. It's a little strange to think that I will be moving because I have become so used to the area that Lop Buri feels like home. As one of the members said here though to me the other day, the Lord has more places for me to go and more people to teach, and here is where he has prepared people for the next elder to come.

Many members have told me that they are going to miss me though. I will miss them as well. I don't know if I have ever told you about Friendship books. Missionaries and some members as well have books that you can sign and leave photos and addresses in for later contact. I have been passing mine through the branch. I'm not really sure where it is right now, I should go look for it.

Sister Webb the sister that went home several weeks ago for a family problem, has returned. So we have sisters in Lop Buri again. I think our English class likes our sisters better then the elders because when we told them about the sisters coming back this week, they burst into cheering.

Elder Hawkes and I are going to Bangkok tomorrow to renew his visa and maybe mine as well I'm not really sure on that part. We have to do it tomorrow because Elder Hawkes visa expires tomorrow and he will be an illegal alien if its not renewed. I don't think the church would like that too much.

I'm sad to hear about Brother Dutzi. I will always remember the German guy that slept and snored on our couches as I watched TV. I remember how excited he was for me to go on a mission. I'll will miss him.

Oi!! Connor is getting his Eagle. Is he really that old. I remember how stressed I was to get that so I could start driving but I couldn't get my permit before I was in drivers Eds. I also remember how scary the review was. I had to remember all the stuff I had did for the last few years. But I'm way glad I did it. It is becoming a more rare thing in the nation. With that a lot of job opportunities were opened to me as well as a lot of other experiences. Man, Connor driving I'm glade I'm on the other side of the world when Connor learns to drive that could be scary. Good luck mom. lol :P

We have seen a little bit about the earthquake for the TV that we should not be watching. I think Thailand has a few different charities going on to help out.

There seems to be a lot focused on Thailand in the last year or so with the church. I remember President Nurock telling me about the wheelchairs a few months ago. He is a counselor in the mission presidency, has some very good connections in the government. He lives in this branch. Will you save to article? I would like to see it later but here it I would lose it.

Ok I sent some photos of Christmas and Brother Somsacks baptism and a huge bug that we found

love you
see you next week

Elder Brandon J. Holt

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