Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Hey everyone,
Well welcome into the next year of our life. the year 2011 on the Christian calender or 2554 in the Buddhist calender depending in what country you live in. One that I feel is going to be a great one in the lives of the Holt's, Call's, and Moody's. Anyways it was quite a weekend here in Thailand.
I don't remember New Years last year being too big but this year in Ubon it was loud. This year the missionaries had to be in at 7:00 pm because of safety so knowing that in cities like Ubon after that time anyways it would be pretty hard to find people to teach we didn't complain. However during the day Elder Jensen and I went all over Ubon in order to check up on our investigators as well as teach others. We ended up teaching about 4 lessons some with new investigators and 1 with a family that hopefully will be baptized in the next month or two. Between visits we went to church to check up on the members who were having a huge district sport activity for New Years. We also made sure some of our investigators got there safely and were being watched over by the members that we had asked to fellowship them.
The real party didn't happen until after we had gone to bed for the night. At midnight we were both awakened by fireworks and the common New Years noises. Then after we had turned over and slept again someone parked their car in the small park across from our house and then decided to turn the radio full blast and turned up the sub at about 2 in the morning. It was great. Our whole house shook and I was shocked when I heard Elder Jensen shout "I'm going to kill all Thai people who aren't sleeping in the next 5 minutes!" It was quite a party. Anyway, after 4 in the morning passed by they went home and we got some sleep until 6:30 where our alarm went off and my companion almost threw it across the room. He gets a little cranky when he doesn't get his sleep. lol
Anyway New Years day was a really good day. At first Elder Jensen and I had to go to the church to interview one of the sister's investigator for baptism. That is probably one of the most awesome experiences that I get to do. Because as I ask the baptismal interview questions I receive a confirmation from the Holy Ghost every time. She passed and will be getting baptized next week.
Next there was a baptism of an investigator that I interviewed the week before, it was another investigator from the sisters area. Then in the few minutes we had we went to go find all our investigators in order to help them go to church this last Sunday.
Then we went back to the church to meet Jittrii because she was now going to get interviewed by a member of the Mission Presidency in order to be baptized. And after a 2 hour interview she passed! woot woot. She is going to get baptized next Saturday or the 8th of January. I'm way excited for her as well.
Well This is the week of transfer meeting and if everything is normal I will be the one moving. So I won't be able to witness Jitrii being baptized but that is alright because its not about how many people that I teach and see baptized but its about how many of the Lord's children coming unto him. So I asked Elder Jensen to send me pictures if I move and he stays. That makes me wonder where I could go.
Anyways that's my week really fast.
I was also thinking about what room that I want to move back into( I'm not trunky) I would say the room that I was originally in is the best one. Sorry mom no library there yet. but that will probably just be for the summer and weekends so I don't really have a huge preference.
Hey I also thought of things that I need in my next package. Deodorant for sure I'm almost out of my last stick. and I can't remember what else.
I love you all
Elder Brandon John Holt

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