Sunday, January 16, 2011

New place, new game

Hey family

How are you doing? I'm doing awesome. Well as I sadly predicted I was to be transferred, I was. It was probably one of the hardest things I had to do on my mission so far--leave a place like Ubon. I definitely will go back some day in the future. It was so hard because I had some many people there that I had grown really close to, Investigator, Member and nonmember alike. I'll miss everyone. But that's that for now.

Well you're probably wondering where I am. You see I think I must have caused a lot of trouble or something for President Smith when I was in Ubon. Because he moved my right under his watchful eye, 555, which is the Meung Thong Thani area. If you look at the mission address you will notice that you send it here. The office is in my district but thankful not in my area. LOL. Any ways it's area in the north part of Bangkok. In the providence of Nontoburii or นนทบุรี. There are so many people here its crazy. I feel like we have a lot of work to do. I think I can stay another 5 transfers and never get bored of the area.

I'm the district leader of the district. In the district I have the two office elders and the two assistance to the president in the district. That's a little strange to be the district leader to the assistance because its kind of the same affect as the prophet's bishop. I am the one that they have to account to for the district but in the end I have to account to them when it comes to the mission as a whole. It's a lot of fun. Hey do you remember Elder Brown, my MTC companion? He just received the calling to be an assistant to the president so we get to be together in what may be our last area. It's going to be a blast

My compaction is Elder Kampanat or กัมปนาท. Yes, he is Thai. We have a lot of fun together. But it was a little difficult to speak Thai so much the first day or two. Thankfully he can speak English pretty fluently as well. He has made several trips to America. Anyways this is his 3rd transfer as a missionary so that makes me his follow up trainer. I can already say he is 10 times better then me as a missionary so I'm going to be able to learn a lot form him, both in the gospel and in Thai.

This last Sunday was district conference here in the Pakkret district, which means one thing that I was way pumped for......the Lop Buri district is coming down. Woot woot! So last Sunday I was able to meet everyone that I knew in my first area. It was funny to see the shock on their faces when they walked into the rented building that the district rented to have conference because they weren't expecting to see me. The best part is that I met the family that I taught to baptism, Brother Somsak and sister Rebiab and their crazy daughter as well. Well sister Rebiab saw me first and said "Elder do you remember me?" She surprised me, but she was also surprised at how much my Thai has improved. I remember when I would go teach them and she would always ask me "Elder do you understand?" then after she would always say, "Don't worry if you don't now. In the future, one day, you will." And now she knows that I can. Anyways it was fun to see all the people that were learning with missionaries back then that are now members today.

Anyways living in the past, only makes the future look bleak, so it was fun seeing them again now in the future I see them again for sure.

Anyways I didn't get a chance to meet up with Brother Keng this time becuase we had to run off and work but Connor you should say hi back for me and tell him to come by for a visit every now and then.

Anyways I'm glade to hear that you lives are well and normal again.

I love you all.

Elder Brandon John Holt

P.S. Sister Jitrii got baptised this last saturday. I had a chance to talk to Elder Jensen about it.

P.S.S. Hey I almsot forgot to send photos this time. The first few photos are of the Christmas party. Then the last are the goodbye photos with all those that I taught and some of the members. The one with the girl in the pink and her sister is Bee and Naan. I interviewd them both for baptism while I was in Ubon.

Ok. I love you all.
Elder Brandon John Holt

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