Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saawadii krap family

Hows life at home. Thank you for all your letters. It brightens my day every time I get one.
First I want to answer some questions. Jen, before you have Nate buy a DVD burner I think my computer has one. You are welcome to use it until I return. Oh and when is the radio program played? I can listen to that in the MTC through the internet. Last Jen I don't remember what I said concerning the "new Thai". I may have been talking about the alphabet. Around that time we started learning the Thai script and stopped using Romanized Thai writing. Other than that I really don't remember what I was talking about.

Okay. So this week has been full of excitement. First Elder Brown's and my roommates left for the field this morning, leaving room for the new Nung Thais. We're crossing our fingers and hope they get assigned to our room.
On Saturday our task in the TRC was to have a meal with a former investigator and to teach them the first lesson, all in Thai. Because of the recent mission president change, many of the RMs from Thailand have made a pilgrimage to Provo to welcome them home. Many of them also volunteered in the TRC for us. We only had two "investigators" in our room but some had four or five to work with.
As we started the first task we were shown several food items and talked a little about whether we liked them or not. Then I shared a scripture with them I choose 1 Nephi 3:7. I applied the scripture that if we are willing to do what the Lord has asked of us then he will provide a way for us to do what he asked. That proved true for me and Elder Brown in the next part of the task.
After a few minuets of planning, we returned to teach the first lesson. It was amazing and the spirit was really strong. Although we could not say everything that we wanted to say the way we wanted to say it. We were able to communicate every idea that we wanted to. It truly showed us how the Lord will help us in Thailand.
Well after we were finished we were waiting for our instructor to direct us where to go. A Sister informed us of something that we had never noticed before. On each letter and package that we receive, they place our departure date so that they can sort it better. The date use to be 0817 but she noticed that the last few days it said 0810. So according to the packages we were leaving a week early. At first we paid little thought. but at dinner the sisters in our district paid a visit to the travel office and confirmed it. We are leaving a week earlier then planned.
We think it is because our mission president has a conference in Hong Kong the week that we were originally planned to leave so they bumped us up a week....... Oh Boy.
I am way excited. and scared to death.
Another thing mom remember that I was complaining of shin splints the last little while. Well they still haven't gone away. so because I'm leaving in less than a month, I decided to get them looked at. The athletic trainer that I looked at after poking around my leg a little. guessed that it was because my arches in the feet were falling. We're going to try some stuff here like icing and taping my arches everyday at gym. He suggested that I need to get some arch support. He also warned me not to settle for DR. Schulls stuff but to get something a little more pricey. I'll be talking to him more about it. but he told me to write home for some. and to get arch supports not just inserts is what he said.
Other than that I need some other things in the next package if that is alright. First I opened the second SD card that we bought for the camera and discovered that it was the wrong size so if you could find the right size I'll send you some photos and videos I think that you will enjoy. :)
Last I discovered something in the last week with mesh garments. When it gets hot they rub then chafe then slowly grade away your skin. So being myself I thought what's going to happen in Thailand. I think the solution to this problem is to get drylex garment bottoms so if its not too much of a burden would you send 8 or so pairs.

Well my time is running out. I'm sending home some pictures that I hope you enjoy.

love you
Elder Brandon J Holt
searching for those lost in the darkness



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