Thursday, July 2, 2009

Week 4 MTC

Dear Family

Thanks for all of the letters that you have sent. Every one really brightens my day. Well I made it through another week at the MTC. we are now on week 4. I can still speak English, but our district decided to have a English fast on Thursday. That's going to be a really quiet day. I know enough to tell my companion that I'm hungry or I have to to go the bathroom, oh and I can pray and bear my testimony but other than that.... let's just say it's going to be an interesting experience.

Hey Connor that's too bad about your game. I had a few of those that rained out. Have you noticed that I seems to rain every single day. Well that's how it is down here at the MTC. Maybe the Lord is getting us ready for Thailand. I'm glad you are enjoying my room and stuff take care of it. New Wii games huh, sounds like fun, I love Zelda, that was the one game that i never had the chance to play. Oh by the way I have an Email. :)

Mom Elder brown is from Salt Lake. He went to Skyline High School and went to BYU for a year. It seems that most of the elders did.
We have firesides every Sunday and Tuesday nights. The Sunday night fireside are reserved for the MTC presidency, but Tuesday nights are all about the General Authorities. I forgot to tell you. The first Tuesday night fireside I went to Elder Bednar talked. He addressed I think one of the most concerning things to new missionaries. How do we tell the difference between the spirit's prompting and our own thoughts? His answer was very simple and straight for ward. and he pretty much yelled it as us as he said it. His answer was this "Don't Worry about it. Be a good boy and a good girl, follow the mission rules, and follow all of the commandments and press forward. If you are doing these things every good thought in your head will have been inspired by the holy spirit."He then gave several experiences through his life and from his own mission.
I can't wait to talk to you in Thai. I think I'll give you call from one of the airports on the way to Thailand. Thai definitely sounds like an Asian language.
So I got my first Dear John today. ha ha It wasn't really one I wasn't expecting. It came with an invitation to the wedding. Two of my good friends that I met at Desert Star are getting married next week.

Thanks for the scripture thought I plan to look it up as soon as I get time today.

I love you all.

Your luugchaay(son), phiichaay (older brother) nungchaay(younger brother and friend.

Elder Brandon Holt
searching for those lost in the darkness

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