Thursday, July 2, 2009

Week 5 at the MTC

sawaadii family

Hows the home life? hows chip the super dog? did you get the seconded email that I sent last week with the question on it. If you did could you answer it if not oh well.
It has been a great week here at the MTC. The mission presidents came on Wednesday and left Sunday for their missions. Several of the days we had all 15 higher General Authorities here with us. Although we were not able to see any of them except at certain times because they didn't want any of them to get sick.
They split the lunch room by a divider in which we could not see the other side. We decided that there must be a being from the other side of the veil talking to them.
Are normal devotionals that are on Tuesdays was moved to Friday. Elder Brown and I, as well as many other missionaries skipped dinner in order to get good seats. we waited in line for two hours. The rumor was that there was an apostle speaking. we got a lot more then that.
Trying to get into the assembly hall is much like trying to get into Walmart on Black Friday. everyone runs and pushes and shoves. I don't think anyone has been trampled to death yet. After Elder Brown and I found each other and got into seats, the mission presidents walked in. To every ones surprise so did Elder Cook, Followed by Elder Oaks, followed by Elder Bednar, then Elder Perry, then Elder Christofferson, Anderson , and last but not least our speaker for the night Elder Holland.
He gave an amazing fireside in which he talked about how missionaries should not be going two by two but three by three with the third member of the Godhead. It was great.
In the RC or Referral Center where people call in to request information about the church, Elder Brown has had some very successful phone calls. He had the chance to call back several people with me and talk to them. First we talk to two ladies named Polly and Debra. They sound like they have had a really hard life. The two of them are searching for truth and a very faithful people. We are trying to get the missionaries to them as fast as we can but in the mean time we we'll keep in touch with them and teach them the lesson over the phone. We also talked to a man named brain. He used to be baptize but after seeing his preacher cheat on his wife he knew his religion was not true. his wife has been reading the BofM and we are hoping the missionaries are going to get to them soon as well.
The Fourth of July is coming up next week. We are all crossing our finger that the president will change our schedule and we'll do something to celebrate our countries freedom.
Oh I forgot to talk about our English fast. So the morning was very quite. we all struggled to talk at all and to understand each other. I think how ever that we learned a lot. Be the afternoon we had resorted to English. We all agreed that the English fast helped a lot but that all day was too much. So to salve the problem we are going to take the several hours during different days to have English fast rather then all day. It helps a lot. Starting next week our classes will be in 100 percent Thai. I can't wait. :).
Last night during the hours that we had set a a side to not speak any English something occurred to me. I was understanding almost everything the teacher was saying. after looking up the word for finally. I told Brother Saakha, that I think I was finally understanding Thai. And I did it all in Thai.
I am also beginning to comprehend the Thai writings. I read out of the children's hymn book every day. Its fun and Connor I'll send you your name in Thai as soon as I can.

Ok got to go
I love you

Elder Brandon Holt
Searching in the Darkness for those who are lost

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