Monday, July 13, 2009

6th week in the MTC

Sawaadii khrap (not crap)

How is everyone at home? I enjoyed getting your mail over the weekend. Because of the 4th of July, the mail room was closed Friday and Saturday. But all is well, I have received your letters and mom I got the care package. Thank you.
Well, Saturday was an interesting day. We,the missionaries, were all afraid that we would not be able to celebrate the 4th. We were wrong. As we walked into the cafeteria for breakfast, we noticed something different. There were people who were dressed up in pioneer clothes. They were actors taking the part of many famous people. Like George Washington, John Adams, and the 4th president of Mexico. What do they have in common you may ask. Well after the completion of the Saint George temple, they all appeared to Wilford Woodruff and ask him to do their temple work.
Well the rest of the day was pretty normal until the night. At 7 we were all excused from class to go to a devotional. It was about the founding fathers and the reformers and also about the Saint George temple experience.
After the meeting we all when out to see fireworks go off over the Stadium of Fire. I took several videos and photos with my camera that I might send home next week with the SD card.
I was way excited to hear about Richard's papers being turned in. I want to hear as soon as you know where he is going. As well as Elisabeth Garrett.
Well the older district, our Phii Thais, left for Thailand yesterday and they should be getting there tomorrow. lol. Its strange because now we are the Phii Thais and we get Nung Thais next Wednesday.
Our district has started playing a game to help us to learn Thai better. It's called Khon samsaak, or Mr. samsaak. One missionary is chosen by our instructor and no one knows who it is. It's that missionary's goal to speak as much Thai as possible. The next class we have the district try to guess who it is. Then another mr. samsaak is chosen.
It sounds like you have had an enjoyable weekend. I did. By the way I forgot to ask last email. I need Johnathan Hale's address. He sent me a letter a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to reply because the return address is wrong on the letter.
Also I Think you can find a CPR pocket mask is what it is called in a drug store ..... maybe. It is just a small plastic sheet that can fold up and be placed in a wallet so that its portable. It helps prevent vomit from entering the person doing the CPR's mouth.
The temple opened up this week. Did I say I cleaned it last week..... well I did. I never knew the Provo temple had such a bug problem. Anyway it was nice to go back today. I think I really will miss the temple when I am in Thailand. I think I've gone almost every week since I have been endowed.
Last week's task went ok I was able to understand our investigator a little bit more. Next week task is to teach the 1st lesson in Thai. Elder Brown has it down pretty well. I'm coming along. I taught a very rough lesson the other day in Thai. Anyhow after that we get to have a meal with the "Investigator" that's all in Thai too.
One of the things that I have enjoyed and not enjoyed at the same time is the RC. Referral Center. I don't know if I have ever talked about the RC. Well when someone orders something from the church weather over the phone or the internet, they give us their number. Its then our job in the RC to call them and do everything possible short of threatning them to get the missionarys to the home. Some times we get the chance to make multiple phone calls. Elder Brown and I are keeping a touch base on several people its really exciting to teach them lessons over the phone. Also something Elder Brown and I do on Sundays is chat on mormon. org. we sometimes get hard questions but in the end we always are able to answer the question asked.... unless its a bible basher then we just let them chat to themselves.

My time is about up
I love you all
Elder Brandon Holt.
searching for those lost in the darkness.

PS what is the blog website?

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