Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flooding and a new hair cut

Hey family
This week has been great. but first I should start with some of the events of last week.

So it rained again... we got caught in it and everything got wet. The next day we were riding around and exploring Lopburi and Inviting. I should explain that. So because we can't knock on doors. when we invite we find people on the street. So we have to find places with people that can talk for a few minutes. That can be hard sometimes. Anyways as we were exploring we had to ride our bikes through lakes where the rain caused flooding. There is a lot of flooding that I've seen. The challenge is to keep moving while keeping your feet dry. Its hard to do when the water covers the pedals. But we can get by sometimes.

We decided to drop 2 of our investigator that had dates. ชิ่ต(chit) and ไฟค์(fight). chit was losing interest in learning the church and kept making excuses why he was not coming to church, so we decided it wasn't his time to learn yet. But we will check up on him from time to time. Then Fight who is 17, hasn't really had the true desire to learn the gospel for the right reason. What I mean by that is we feel that he is learning about the church for the social reason and not to come unto Christ. Which is fine because I remember 2 years ago I would choose friends over church. But we are not here to be friends so we asked him to continue to come to church and told him that we are going to stop teaching him.

On Monday we had a surprise. Our Zone leaders came to our weekly District meeting and announced that we were going to have switch offs. Which is when we switch companions. That made me happy because I love both of our Zone Leaders. I was paired with Elder Johnson. We went around to find some of the investigators that we had contacted the week before. But when we went to go teach them they didn't show up. That's fine we'll find them another time. Elder Johnson spent several months in the Area last year so he knows the area and the members really well. We visited some of the members when we had some free time. We visited a family that he baptized when he was here. Brother Aladin is the ward mission leader now and helps the missionaries out almost everyday with teaching. They were kind enough to invite us to family home evening and dinner. Sister Aaw makes really good food.

The zone leaders spent the night with us, it was a party. Anyways the next day we rented a van and took a 2 hour ride back to Bangkok so we could have Zone Meeting. That's when the zone leaders teach us what their vision of the zone is and how they want it to move. I had the chance to catch up with Elder Brix and Sister Akogi, they both went through the MTC with me, and talk about what struggles they are dealing with as well.

Today Is P-day yay :). We don't really have any plans to leave Lopburi but the sisters, Sister Josephson and Sister Nitsarat, I'm pretty sure those are both spelled wrong, want to go to the zoo so we may do that.

I just got my first hair cut. It's interesting to get one when you can't speak the language that the barber speaks. So I was left to his mercy. I was able to kind of describe what I wanted to have done, so it didn't turn out too bad, but it's not the greatest. Good thing I don't have to look too attractive on a mission. :)

I can't remember with the last name of Merrill but I'm sure I swam with someone with that name. Its great to find connections about that.

I believe that Buddhas here are always wrapped in that cloth. I believe it's that same cloth the monks are covered in. Oh ya I never talked about that. There are monks everywhere its really cool to see them. Anyways I'm not really sure why they are covered but I hope to find out in the future one day.
You could send the Sd card back but make sure the photos are all saved somewhere that way I can come back and see them all after the mission.

I really want to see this mysterious niece that I have. you should yell at Jen for that, just kidding. but I would really like a photo when you send a package.
I'm glad Connor likes swimming. Its something he will remember all his life.
Oh I thought of something else you could send if you want. I miss peanut butter. Its really expensive here and comes in really small jars so I go through it really quickly. Also Kool aid would be good. All I really drink here is water and pepsi/coke. Which gets boring really fast.
Its strange to think that my first moves is over in two weeks. Its been fast and I have learned a lot. I can't wait to see our Nong Thais for the MTC and see what we looked like when we got here.

I glad to here everything is going well at home . and hope for the best.

May God be with you

Elder Brandon Holt
searching in the darkness for those that are lost.

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