Thursday, September 24, 2009

Still hot and I'm afraid it's going to get hotter

Dear Family

I am sorry that you must now be confined to jackets. I however I have been blessed with the warmth of the world. Its nice but I think I'm going to miss the snow. :( Hey I also got sunburned the other day. I forgot sunblock. That was a interesting day.

So last week we didn't make it too the zoo with the Sister Niserat and Sister Josephson. We instead did some much needed cleaning around our house. I think we scrubbed every floor and cleaned all our bedding. We now no longer have a fear of walking around our house barefoot.

Last week the barber experience was interesting. My hair doesn't look to bad but I have had much better haircuts before. It kind of looks like I joined the army now. I think at first the barber wanted to give me a hair cut that is common for most collage age students. Its kind of how I had it before I was a missionary but short in the back and a little longer in the front. But he left it a lot longer in the front. I was really afraid he was going to leave it like that. I quickly put my fingers in my hair to the length I wanted it and said like this. I think he got the idea because he went back and fixed it.

This week we had switch offs with the Assistants to the presidents. Yesterday Elder Perry was my companion. He was made assistant when I arrived here and the last assistant โจะพ (finished) he has been in Thailand for 11 moves ( a move is 6 weeks) and has 5 left. Elders have 16 moves total in country and 2 in the MTC.

Any ways we went and had several appointments. The first was with a member Brother นัย (Nie) We talked to him about charity and sharing the gospel with friends. He now wants to take us around on Sunday and show us to some of his friends.

Next we went to teach an investigator named เล็ถ(lek) His wife is a member already and he started learning about 2 weeks ago. We taught him the plan of salvation. I was planning to commit him to baptism but the funny thing is he already committed himself to it. He wants to get baptized on December 27. So Elder Perry and I looked at each other and said OK, we think you can do that.

Last after a appointment fell through we talked Brother โอ๊ค (ood). He is a RM. Now he is the second councilor in the branch presidency. We talked about what he did on his mission to find investigators and what he is doing now. We did this while eating ice cream and Swensins. Who would have thought that American ice cream would be so popular. yummy. :).
Anyways we also talked about some of the statistics of the Lopburi branch. Last week we had a zone meeting in Bangkok to talk about what direction we need to move our areas in the next 2 years. One of those things is we need to make our branches into wards. With that we are supposed to have as a minimum of 15 full tithe priesthood holders we have exactly that and 20 that are inactive.

After the meeting Elder Perry talked to me about focusing our effort on reactivating those 20 inactive priestood holders. So that's what we are now meaning to do.

I'm gland to hear that Gramdpa and Grandma are doing better.
That's a awesome idea for a Eagle project Connor. I remember mine. One day Bishop White called up and asked if I needed to do an Eagle Project and I Did. So he asked me to organize a Blood drive most of the hard stuff was done already.

Remember as you work for the people in Mexico, that no effort is wasted, every person you help is one of Heavenly Father's children helped.

OK my time is almost up
Its crazy to think that next weeks my first moves will be up. next week the new missionaries will come in. It's exciting. I'll tell you more about it next week.

Love you,
remember the church is true no matter what you hear about it.

Elder Brandon Holt

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