Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Christmas in field

Hey everybody

I hope you had an awesome Christmas. Mine was pretty good. Before you called Elder Hawkes and I had a good day of work. In the morning we went out with one of the members in the ward and sang some songs for the students at the school he works for. Then we went back to our house to study and open presents :D. Then we got our call from our land lord, asking if he could come over for a little bit. Fearing an Inspection we cleaned inside and outside the house really fast, But he really only wanted to come over to wish us a Merry Christmas and invite us over to dinner at his house. He was a really nice guy I haven't had a chance to meet him before. He assured us that if we ever needed a place to stay after we finish our missions and come back to visit that his house is open for us. That was nice, I might have to take him up on that offer in a few years. We then were invited to eat some ice cream by another member and her soon to be husband. They are both really cool people The soon to be husband is the CES director over the north Eastern part of the Thailand. And he knows English almost as fluently as I do.

Then we rode around for a while and invited a few people because all of our appointments fell through for the night.

Today I only have a few minutes because we went and hiked to a waterfall with some members here. It was awesome. To give you an image of the trail we were on imagine Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost arc. The first part of the movie when they are hiking to the tombs. That's kind of how I felt . We have some fun pictures but time is short and I can't upload anything.

After the hiking adventure we went to a buffet and ate till we were full. mmmmm what a great day it was. Anyways I have to go teach at an appointment now.

Oh and I also have been thinking of what kind of music that you could send me that wasn't just hymns and mormon Tab.

Have you ever heard of Eric Whitacre. If not Allyson has. Anyways I sang a song in my senior year that he composed. The BYU choir sang and recorded a CD of his music around 2000- 2003 I'm not sure really when. But that would be a good CD to sent as a gift in a few months Hint. Hint. wink wink. ;)

ok enough of that.

I love you all and hope to hear from you next week. Thank you for all your prayers they really do help over here.

Elder Brandon J Holt

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