Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Hello family

Well. It has been an interesting week. As I think I talked about last week, New Years is waaaaaaayyy more celebrated here than Christmas. For the last 5 days every school and most places have been closed for the celebration. Starting on Thursday most of our appointments fell through so we spent a lot of the time exploring Lop Buri and trying to talk to people. One characteristic that I notice about the Thai people is they sure like to party, A lot. So that it is interesting to try to invite. They also are a very friendly people willing to share anything with a foreigner who can speak Thai. So many times we had to refuse the invitation to sit down for a drink. I love it here.
This is what it has been like the last 5 days give or take. On New Years Eve, Elder Hawkes and I were invited to a party that the members of the branch here were having. They had games, karaoke( something that is very big here at parties) and Yummy yummy food( grilled squid, rotten fish( yes it is true, its good too, its called Blalad) Rice and fruit) But at the stoke of 9 the missionaries magically disappeared and returned to their homes.
This Sunday Brother สมศักคิ์(Somsak) was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His baptism went really smooth. I don't remember how they went back in the states, but here they do the baptism after church. There were two speakers,the first was Elder Hawkes the other was an older member that has become friends with Brother Somsak. Then we had the baptism the spirit was way strong there. Brother Somsak asked the Branch President to perform the baptism. After Brother Somsak bore his testimony (this is a great success for the missionaries because one of his biggest concerns was public speaking, because he had never done it before. It became such a problem that it took Elder Ito and I a long time to get him to accept a baptism date) he did also, even his wife complimented on how well we taught him to speak. After that the branch President spoke and that was the end.

Mom one of my favoriet chapters in Preach my gospel is chapter 3. It has the lessons that we teach in it. There is a lot of information that helps us teach about Heavenly Father in the first, second, and third lessons.
Concerning Obedience. As I study in the morning I have been focusing on two things lately. Faith and Obedience. It is true what Elder McConkie says about Obedience , and I have learned that over the last 7 months. Like wise I have been trying to teach my investigators that as well. It is through faith that we are obedient, and as we are obedient Heavenly Father gives us more understanding. Then we can learn things such as what the power of faith can truly do.

OK i have to go. I'm looking forward to hearing Connor's results of state and region at the end of the month.

I love you
Elder Brandon j Holt

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