Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello family

Well, Where to start. Lets see. This week has been a normal week for missionary work in Lop Buri. Elders Hawkes and I have noticed that as we begin to Baptize our investigators we have less people to teach. So for the last few days we have set out to find new people to talk to. These are when you get some of the best stories. For Example the other day a guy pulled up to us on his scooter, and started talking to us in English in an Australian accent. That was strange because you had a guy who is Thai who speaks English fluently with a different accent. It was almost as if we were in a different country, I'm going to have to tell Matt (Ruben, a friend serving in Australia, Mom) about that, he is right it is a totally different language from the English we speak.

Other than that nothing really exciting happened that I can remember now. Today our zone leaders have set up switch offs with the Elders in Ayutia and Lop Buri. I am going to switch with one of the elders there. So I'll be in Ayutia for the next day or so. Elder Hawkes will stay here with the elder that will switch places with me.

Moves meeting will be the 28th this month. That's coming up really really fast. And I'm pretty sure that I will move areas this time. So I'm starting to go around and get pictures and addresses of every body that I want to stay in touch with.

The weather here has been pretty nice. Its been a nice 85- 90 degrees with clear skies and we had a few days where it rained and cooled off. That made it nice to sleep. Elder Hawkes and I have been trying to bring down the energy bill by not using the AC. hope it works.

Oh man Connor, you broke your nose, ha ha now you are just like me. except I did that twice. You are probably going to have a crooked nose like me too.
REEL BIG FISH came to town again huh. well I'm glad they choose to go to Murray theater. The salt palace is a pain to get to. I think Murray theater is the best place to go.
oh i miss those good times in swimming any ways

Sounds like the family had a good time for Christmas. Its been a long time since I went and skied at Alta. I think the last time was with you, Dad when I was in 6th or so grade. That was a pretty place.

WHAT!!! mom finally let you buy a Mercedes, wow that's brave with Connor turning 16 this year as well. you definitely have to send me pictures.

Well I have to say as I look back through the last few months it has been an Adventure like you say mom. And its going to keep going when I change the areas. Everyone tells me that each area is its own separate world from the next. I can't wait.

I'm afraid that moving is going to be a bitter sweet experience because I'm leaving all the people that I learned to love as well as get to change areas.

well I 'll tell you more about it as we get closer to it.

Next week we are going to have Zone conference. It will be on Monday so Preparation day is moves to Tuesday next week so it will take me a little longer to write back.

OK I've got to go

Love you

Elder Brandon John Holt
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