Monday, June 28, 2010

need fireworks!

Hello Everyone

Well I would like to take the time to rant a little about computer games. Coincidentally we are here in Udorn this week for switch offs. On the way down I was reading Elder Bednars talk about "things as they really are," which came out in this months Liahona. Anyways the reason I want to rant is we are in an internet cafe where there are about 60 plus 14 to 16 year old's who all just got off of school, and Elder Peacock and I can barely hear each other because they are shouting so loud. We almost didn't get computers to work on either. Don't ever waste your time in a computer place playing games.( I'm one to talk after hasters) Anyways after that i feel better.

Well, this week in Sakon Nakon Has been a busy one for us. We have been trying our hardest to teach all those who we taught last week while trying to find and keep in contact with new investigators this week. Both we're not doing too well. But that's alright this week we have set some goals and plans to change that. We found and taught 9 new investigators this last week. That's a lot more then we originally set goals for. Its way sweet. There are some families and some single people as well in that group.

Elder Peacock and I have been going to areas outside of the main city of Sakon. Its sweet because we found one or two neighborhoods that I have passed before but never saw because They were hidden in the jungles... well... trees and would have never found them except we were willing to go onto every little street that branched off of the main street to Udorn. We went out of the city about 7 kilos at one point. I'm not sure how far that is in miles. The suggestion is not to leave the areas more then 10 kilos from your house if you are in an area that you can only bike in. It starts to take a lot of travel time and the distances to church can be a factor on weather or not investigators go to church.

This coming week the Zone leaders will be switching off with us. So like last time some one will be here in Udorn and the other companion will be going back to the area for the week. Unlike last time I'm the district leader and will be the one returning to Sakon while Elder Peacock will stay in Udorn. I'm way excited. I always love switch offs because I get to learn a lot. Especially this time being an inexperienced DL, I have a few questions that I'm going to ask for help on.

At the end of the week we have zone conference in Khong Keng. That's were Elder Peacock and I will meet up again and return to our area. I believe President Smith will explain his vision with missionaries and member relations. Its something that as a mission we have been really working on. Elder Peacock and I have been trying to follow as close to Preach my Gospel as we can but at the same time there are a few questions that need to be answered by a mission president. I think our over all broad vision is to make it like the relations between Missionaries and members at home. Where no one really knows the elders but at the same time the elders are working thought the ward mission leaders to continue to help the branches and wards progress.

This week we had a return missionary that came back to the Sakon Nakon branch with his wife and parents. We ran into him one time when we were inviting and it happen to start raining. thankfully a members house was near by and we could take some cover for a few minutes until the rain lessened. He had been a missionary in Sakon about 2 years ago. His mom took our names and phone numbers. she said she wanted to call you and tell you how we are doing. So you might get a phone call in a few weeks.

I wish I had a way to send more pictures this week but we left all that stuff back home. I'm glad you enjoyed the ones from last week. The people we were eating with were mostly members. Some were just friends and other people that worked there at the place we were at as well. We were at a dentist office.

In the recent weeks people have been planting rice and working more in the fields. Its been really sweet to watch and talk to people that we invite. It seems that almost every one here in Sakon have a rice field or two that they work in. That differently is the crop to grow. I'll try and get some pictures of it to send home if i have the chance

Connor is in the Stadium of Fire. What is he doing in it?

I'm glad you told me grandma is still living, I was afraid you forgot to mention something or that I missed something in a past email. So what was given to us through her will. I hope grandma is not to upset for being left in a care center. I remember that was the last thing that she wanted to do. How is the Holt family doing with the recent events?

oh man everyone is getting married. all my cousins that were close to my age as well. That's strange. Wish Greg congrats from me.

Okay I think that's all I got for this week

I love you all.

Elder Brandon John Holt

PS I had an opportunity to listen to Jens radio broad cast way back when I was in the MTC this last week. Way to go Jen!!

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