Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wow this leadership thing is harder then i thought :P

Hello Family

It sounds like everyone has had a good week back at home. Connor you do have a very busy summer. One thing i will always remember is Brother and Sister Hutchison (I can't spell) advice before they left on there mission in Argentina, which is enjoy the summer between your 9th and 10th grade year because after this year you will have a job and have to fight off girls. So its a good thing you are doing all that. It sounds like a blast.

Well this week is a little different being the leader here has pushed my stress levels a little bit. Elder Peacock and I have been working really hard to find and teach new families. That seems to be what President Smith is stressing all over the mission. We need to find families rather then single people out of families. The hard thing about this week is the last few days the families that we have been teach before haven't been able to meet with us. So we had to make do with finding new families for the moment. We were able to teach three or four new families and its great because this next week we are going to revisit all of them to help them progress.

Elder Peacock is a great guy. As I told you last week he is from Orem, Utah. I found out though that he has lived all over Europe, mainly France. He says that everyone in his family speaks French fluently but he forgets it because of the Thai that is going through our head. He has been in Thailand for about 6 months already. Coincidentally he came to Sakon about the same time that I got here in my 5th moves. He is in his five moves and just came out of a area in my old zone. So he was able to give me a update on what has been going on the last 4 months in Lopburi.

The other way that I am able to get up dates from my old area is through the moves meetings and through letters from the members that I keep in contact with. The missionaries are able to send mail through the system of sending stuff to the office and then the office distributing through out the mission. I have been keeping up with a family that I saw baptized while I was there. Elder Peacock has a card reader to upload his photos so if I have time I'm going to try and upload a photo or two.

I didn't tell you last email but, Elder Hawks my second companion has Finished his mission and went home. He left last moves meeting. That's way strange to think that. I think in 2 more moves Elder Blackhurst will leave then following that Elder Jolley and then well everyone after that is younger then me in the mission so then that means I'm next. Scary. Not to be trunky or anything.

Ok so I got some photos on this time. I think I will buy a card reader. This is a lot better. Any ways. The first photo is of that family that I am writing in Lopburi. That was my last night there. Next is a golfing photo of when elder Blackhurst and I took some R and R time. Then, well, it speaks for itself. After that is Elder Jolley and I and our Songran experiences. There are a lot more as well but I didn't have room to upload them...so next week. Enjoy!

Ok that, I think, is it for this week.

I love you.

Elder Brandon John Holt

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