Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 53

Hello family

First I want Dad and Connor to know that I'm jealous. Other then that I don't need to rant any more.

Well this week nothing really too exciting has happened. We had the chance to start teaching a new family. I'm way excited about them. About a week ago we were inviting in a area that we have been going to for the past few weeks. It's a small little neighborhood behind a hotel. Anyways we hadn't had any real success in this area but we decided to go back for another look. We spent a few minutes walking around, And talk to some people who weren't really interested in learning about the gospel. So after having no luck we decided to go. As we were heading out towards the main street, this neighborhood only had one main way in and out, I noticed a street that we had never gone down before that had a house with its lights on. I told Elder Jolley and we decided to take a look. As we got closer to the house at the end of the street, we noticed a man on top of the roof, which made us even more interested to talk to him. We got to the house and called out to him and asked him what he was doing? He replied he was looking at the stars. This night however a storm was in the process of rolling in so you couldn't see the stars. Anyways we had a funny conversation after that that I can't really recall. Turns out he was really up there to stick a satellite dish on his brother's house. As I was talking to him the owner of the house started to talk to Elder Jolley. It was strange because the first thing he said is oh I wanted to talk to you guys, I'm interested. That kind of through us off. We asked he if he knew that we taught religion not really English. (most people think we are mainly here to teach English). He replied that he knew that and he was interested in both. So we invited him to come to English with his family and made an appointment to come back a few days later.

When we went back it was a really good first lesson with him and his wife. At first his wife was really closed to us but by the end of the lesson she prayed to close the lesson. That is something that is always exciting the first time someone prays. Today after we finish up we are going again to teach them. I called Joe, the owner of the house, last night and he seemed really excited to have us come.

The rest of the week nothing really exciting has happened. We both have been getting more and more nervous as we get closer to moves meeting because there is a possibility either one of us can move, even both of us can move. If nothing crazy goes down it will most likely be me that moves. But we'll see. Hopefully we find out tomorrow when the zone leaders call.

Well regarding to the Questions in the email. For the last few months it been really hard to send a lot of letters out. So I have this big pile of letters from people that sent me some way back in March that I need to reply to. No worries though I'm sure I will find time to reply to all as well as send out new letters as well.

That sounds like a crazy week Elder Hale had. To think a volcano. I'm glad I'm here in Thailand where the people keep telling me they don't get earthquakes, or volcanoes, or anything else that too crazy, just lots of rain. Everyday. Did he have to leave his area for a little bit?

Connor when did you become interested in Girls??? Sounds like you have had a party the last week. I remember that time, that was one of my favorite. Anyways don't have too much fun that we can't party when I get back.

Ok Sorry for the short letter this week. Have fun in the south Dad and Connor. Don't forget to wear sunscreen. I have learned that the hard way the last few weeks. Yes mom I put sun screen on every day.

I love you all

Elder Brandon John Holt

PS. Oh I almost forgot.

Two Sundays ago I had the chance to give the German Book of Mormon and the Gospel Principles book to Vernon the German man. He was really happy to get them because he could understand better what we were teaching in church. I haven't yet seen him since then to follow up. Thank you for your help with sending that here.

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