Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday

Hey Everybody

Well so as for the weather update here the temperature has gone over 100 degrees. I miss the snow. Other then that I am doing great this week. So this last week we watch conference Saturday and Sunday. And I got to watch it in English all except one session because we were on the look out for some investigators that in the end didn't show up. That's alright though. They will be there next week. Sometime the problem with investigators showing up to church on a General Conference weekend is that they believe that church is just us watching white old people in America every week(not to mean any disrespect). I thought this conference was awesome. I don't know about you but I think there were some subliminal messages that all those that were home from missions and/or those preparing to go home from their missions should go home and prepare for missions but, I could be mistaken.

Still my favorite speaker is President Uckdorf. Both his talks were very good. I also loved the priesthood session with President Erying and President Monson. If possible could you send me a copy of the last three talks of the priesthood session? I like to study those a little better. And then don't forget to send me a conference issue next month.

Well I like the story of Doom. Its still in the process of progressing. But pretty much how we started teaching her is because we taught Mam and May and Mo everyday. Remember that wooden path and the door that we have to pass to get to mam house? Dooms house is on the same path. Well to get to Mam we pass her house very time. And normally the time that we see her, Doom would be sitting on the outside of her house. So every time we would make sure that we said hi and asked her how she was doing. Over time she got to know us. She noticed one time that we were parking and locking our bikes about a kilo or more away to walk into Mam's house. Well she was concerned and said then that we could bring our bike in and park them in front of her house so that we wouldn't have to be afraid of then getting stolen. She also would invite us to eat dinner with her and her family often. Well one day after we had taught Mam, Doom invited us to eat dinner, and I told her that we had to run home because we were a little late, but we'll take it another day she said OK what day? So I don't really know why that time was different but I decided to take the bait and schedule a dinner appointment. So after a few days we went back and ate somtum and said that we would start teaching her the same things that we taught Mam. She agreed. So since then we have been teaching her the gospel. We have had a lot of challenges with her because she is really, really, really Buddhist and is set in her ways. But she did say if we could prove that the things we teach are better then she will change. She also has a lot of family problem and other things that are slowing her down. So for now we decided to teach her slowly working with one commitment at a time. The first being read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She is a good friend and its way fun to teach her because I can feel the spirit when we teach.

Well so to register for classes and to see my transcript you will need to have this number ------ That's my student Id number or if that doesn't work then I think you will just use my social security number. If I remember right you will find the site to go into on the main page of the UVU website. Then after getting in, there should be a tab to see my transcript and or register for classes. Any luck on finding a EMT intermediate class that I can take in the summer? I think if you have the chance, talk to the Councilor in the Fire Academy about class registration. I'm not really sure of what all needs to be done in the way of GE in UVU. I didn't really do a good job at that one when I was there before. I think the first year I'm back I will focus on retaking classes that I didn't get the best grades in and work on all of the GE that need to be done. For way of classes after you get to see my transcript could you tell me what classes I took that I got grades lower then an A. Knowing me probably a lot. 555. But I would like to retake those to refresh my memory and to improve my ged. Other then that for classes I'm not 100% sure what I want to take yet but I'll get back to you after I know what I have taken or what I need to retake.

Ok today its another short letter.

I love you all

Elder Brandon John Holt

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