Monday, April 25, 2011

Songkran celebration

Hello everyone

I'm doing great this week. This last week was a little wet in that it was the yearly celebration for my birthday. The whole country was involved in the country-wide water, and powder fight. So last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the wetness started. We decided to play on Wednesday. This year there were a little more rules then last year to keep us safe. For example, we needed to be in at 6pm every night to stay off the road. Lots and Lots of people drinking. Also we needed to play with members at a church, So because Pakkret didn't have enough people to have any activity, we decided to go to the Don Mueng branch next to our area. There we met President and Sister Smith and several other senior couples that wanted to participate a little in the festive activities. There are photos to show the fun of water. One of the interesting experiences was the dancing. We walked into the church late because we got lost. Just as we walked in the members started dancing. They invited all the missionaries to dance but none of us were exactly sure if we could or not..... I'm sure there was a rule somewhere that said that missionaries are not allowed to dance. Anyways we watched and learned from the example of our leader, President Smith, who got up and started dancing. After that we decided that we could join too.

After the dancing and eating food, we went outside the church and started throwing water. Usually there are pickup trucks that have people in the back of them to throw water in them and fight. But it was a little quite in Bangkok because most people left to go back home to their own province. So we decided to take it out with the scooters that were zooming by. As they came by they were hit with a large amount of water that usually made a painful slapping sound when it hit them. Or when we were feeling nicer, the members and we'd stop them and drop water on them as they passed by.

Remember the point of Songkran is to give out and get the most blessings. You do this by throwing water, or powder on someone. So the wetter and more powder you have on your face by the end the more blessings you get.

Other than that, we were really worried at the beginning of the week that we weren't going to be able to teach anyone during Songkran because everyone left the town. But Elder Christensen and I came up with a good back-up plan. Knock on doors. For most of the week we went to a huge apartment complex were we knocked on every door we could. There were some people that turned us down, sometimes we would get doors slammed in our face. That was the fun part because I felt like a real missionary(lol). But we were blessed by the Lord for our efforts. We found about 11 people and a few other families to teach. And most of them were generally interested. So it gave us a really good chance to replenish our area.

With Doom, we didn't have a chance to see her last week because a few days she was sick and then others she had Songkran activities, but today we will be seeing her. We followed up with her last week and she said that she had been reading the Book of Mormon. So that's a plus.

Man, It must be getting really close for me to come home because Ryan Nelson went in to the MTC the same day I did. That crazy. Anyway be sure to say hi to Jake when he gets back for me next week.

Hey we got a phone call this morning for Sister Mam. She called and asked us if we had seen the news. (I think she forgot that we don't watch the news) Anyways she said that there were lots of tornadoes in the south eastern states. According to her report she said there were 260 counted. but I'm not sure if that is true. How was the damage? Mam said that there were some in Virgina, was it close to Allyson and Jed's house?

Anyways that what I've got for this week

I hope you are all doing well at home.

Love you all

Elder Brandon John Holt

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