Monday, April 11, 2011

A wonderful note from the Mission Mom, Sister Smith

Hi moms,
Elder Holt stayed in Pakkret with Elder Christensen as his companion. This will be his last move so he will finish here. Enjoy every minute all you new moms, it has gone SO quickly. I was truly surprised how fast this time has flown. Yet my arms are aching for a "son" hug.
Aleen Holt
Missionary Mom of Elder Brandon Holt
Bangkok Thailand Mission

April 4,2011
Dear Sister Holt,

We attended Pakkret Branch on Sunday. Your sweet son sat by me and translated the entire meeting. He did an excellent job. You can be very proud of him. He even made sure that I had someone to translate the next hour, because he had to go to another class.

I can understand your desire to have a “mom hug”. I have 4 grown sons and I still miss hugging them. I have to fight the urge to give our missionaries a great big “mom hug” every time I see them. It makes us very sad to see them leave the mission. They come as sweet and innocent boys (and girls), but they leave as strong and confident men (and women), ready to take on the world. At the airport I give them a great big “missionary mom hug” and then watch them go through immigration and head for home. It reminds me of the feeling I had when I watched my own sons leave on their missions. It helps me understand in a very small way how God can love so many children at once. Your heart must grow as you serve the Lord, for I truly love each one of my dear missionaries. Thank you for sending them here and then supporting them while they serve.

God Bless you for your sacrifice,

Love Always, Sister Smith

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