Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hey I didn't move

Hey everybody

I'm doing great this week. Well for a quick update I'm still in Nontoburi and as a district leader. And I am still with Elder Christensen. But that's all right that saves me the trouble of packing everything up. This last week at church we got to see Mam, Mo, and May get confirmed members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They are so awesome as members. Recently we have started teaching one of Mam's neighbors and friend named Doom. She has a husband and a daughter. The daughter named oom has sat in on a few lessons when we were teaching Mam and her household. Doom has a ton of concerns but none of which the gospel can't handle.

Today we had the chance to serve Doom. She is a teacher at a school for handicap children. Today she was moving rooms because its the summer season for them . So a few days ago I said that my oldest sister was a teacher and I helped her move stuff around her school a couple of times so we would be happy to help. At first she was against it but after a little bit she was OK with it and set up a time to go in and help her. We helped her move her room for a few hours and got everything into the room but then we left her to do the normal p-days activities. It was good. I learned a lot about her and her daughter in the time that we were working together.

So I got the package, thank you very much for sending me everything. Its way strange to think that when I get back home I will be able to do anything that I want except rent a car. The cakes that you sent will be baked and eaten with photos taken so that you know how the party went.
With those CDs that I sent that is everything that is on the cards here up to the point that I made the CDs and sent them. So its a good backup in case I lose anything. I should make a new CD now to backup everything.

So I think from here on out I'm going to slowly think about the after mission life a little bit. For example I will need some help in registering for school in the fall semester as well as finding classes that I need to take and/or retake. One thing that needs to be done probably before I get back is be registered for a EMT intermediate class. I would like to be able to take a class in the summer so that for the fall I could be looking for a job and a way to get experience in the EMT field. Mom could you look that up for me? I love you

This week I'm way excited for general conference. I am hoping there will be a way that I can here it in English. There should be because there are a lot of members here who can not speak Thai. so crossing fingers.

Anyways this week email is short sorry

I love you all

Elder Brandon John Holt

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